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YoYo, about Evidence...


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YoYo, you've mentioned multiple times that you're simply not interested in evidence when it comes to religion. And I suppose that's all well and good for you.


However, we must have WAYS we establish objective boundaries and demonstrate objective facts. If you want to have an objective consensus about what is factual and what is not, you're going to have to know how, exactly, you can arrive at objectivity. I can formulate such conclusions using pure thought (such as math), or I can show you with physical demonstration (science). ALL the methods that can demonstrate objective facts are what we call "evidence," or "proof." If you're not interested in evidence, then you can't possibly be interested in objectivity. The two pretty much go hand-in-hand.


So what, exactly, are you doing here? Why talk about religion objectively when evidence is irrelevant, and therefore has no objective weight? If something can't be proven, why try to prove it? If something cannot be spoken of, why try to convey it to us through language? Why do you try to establish objective facts about reality without using objective means? All your arguments of Creationism and anti-Evolutionism have no weight at all if the most you can do is present a lot of hand-waving and thumb-twiddling.


There IS such a thing as objective fact (I'm currently working on a paper on this very topic), and as a result there ARE means by which we can acquire objective knowledge. If you want to present a new method (which you refer to as "faith") fine, but you're still going to have to do something to show that faith is reliable and necessary. You're going to have to put it in terms that ALL man can understand and accept out of sheer necessity because of the nigh-irrefutability of your argument.


But if you don't want to do so, your posts are little more than subjective poetry at best, pointless yammering at worst.


You have every right to deny facts of reality if it makes you feel better, however, you do NOT have the intellectual right to impose unsupported subjective views as objective.

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