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Where do I start... Ahhh yeah, been a Christian for 15 years (not anymore though). I wasn't particulary religious, going to church (which is very dull) every couple of weeks. You could say I was forced into it though, forced into a confirmation too, and only managed to break free now, 15 years later.


I've grown up with my family, all of which are members of the Church of Wales. Until I was confirmed, we never really did any sort of religious stuff, but after I had it all started to get piled on with unnessecary trips to church. I tried to put up with it, but recently I just denounced my faith to myself (haven't told anyone yet), maybe it was meant to be, or maybe it was just the effect of a chain of causes.


I like science, I tried to ignore a few things like the Big Bang and evolution in school, and I was doing well until one of my friends started talk about metaphysical stuff and things that seemed "occult". Needless to say, I tried to ignore him, but I still had this nagging feeling within me to research everything he was talking about. So I looked them up and become facinated by all of it.


In the end, we both started to talk about it all and at the same time, he was deconverting me from Christianity by making me see how illogical it all is. Though because my family and friends are all mostly Christians, then I'll have to put on the guise of a Christian for a bit longer.


And one last thing. Most Christians are illogical, hypocritical, ignorant, gullible morons who like to believe in a silly little man up there. Phew, glad I got that out :)

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I'm 15, I was born into a Christian family and I've had enough.


Well, good luck dealing with the family issues that may stem from this. I wish you the best.

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