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Misc. B&w Pics


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These are some miscellaneous pix I took a couple of years back on various trips. Most are of the town square in Granbury, TX.


My camera of choice is an older, all-manual Pentax SLR on permanent loan from my dad. I tend to put Ilford Delta 400 Black & White film in it. When I can swing it I have a friend of mine develop the resulting pix so that the negative sprocket holes show up around the edge of the photo.


When I took the pix in Granbury I had some kind of error with the camera - I don't think I got the lens on completely right, so I think there was a light leak. It turned out to be one of those fortunate mishaps, because some of the effects are truly kickass, and fit very well with the look and feel of Granbury overall. (It's an old Texas town built on a wagonwheel layout with the original sandstone courthouse dead center in the middle of town... the entire town square is on the National Historic Register.)


Enjoy, despise, critique. In any case I hope you get something out of 'em.


B_W012.jpg Old shaker rockers on the sidewalk outside of a meeting hall in Granbury.


B_W011.jpg The old Lutheran graveyard in Weatherford, TX (half an hour from Granbury).


B_W002.jpg The courthouse at Granbury.


B_W001.jpg Bench outside an antique/gift shop on the square.


B_W008.jpg Okay. This isn't Granbury. ;)

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Those are so cool, you're quite the artiste now aren't you? ;)

Have you put them up somewhere like http://flickr.com or http://photobucket.com


Plenty of people have online albums or photo blogs. You should think about it, they're such cool pictures. I sure like them. :)

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Enjoyed them greatly. Cool composure, great use of the lighting and edging.


I quit using flat film several years back, somewhat miss being able to manipulate the filmstock in the tanks..


Found a cool little winderzz based program called Pixresizer found here that manipulates the size and quality of your photos. For those of we who take larger shots and need to convert to a web usable version this proggie is the catsass..



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Thanks guys, glad you like 'em. :wub:


For digital stuff I have Adobe CS, so I'll either input digital files (from my cheap & crappy point-and-shoot, control-over-nothing digital 1.4 Mpx digital camera) or else scan real photos and then manipulate them all kinds of ways.


There's a lot you can do with film, and developing tricks. There's a different lot you can do with digital tricks. I like 'em both.

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