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Mark And The Homeric Epics

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Here's one I had never heard before. Evidently there are numerous stunning parallels between Mark's gospel and Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. Did the writer of Mark's gospel use Homer as a template of sorts to fashion and frame his story?


Anyone familiar with the Homer/Mark parallels or this book by Dennis MacDonald?



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Yes I am familiar with it. I think it is a compelling argument that would be consistent with the view that the evangelists are not journalists, but story tellers. Accuracy is irrelevent (which is why the Bible isn't "wrong". Believing it is literal and meant to be accurate is what is "wrong"). The stories are simply literary vehicles to tell the Christian message. Matthew and Luke consume Mark in total into their accounts, add the quotes from Sayings Document (the Quelle, or "Q" document) into their basic story, and flavor it with the seasonings of their own cultural issues that they have Jesus address.


It makes perfect sense to use the style of Homer as a literary platform. "Then when Jesus encountered the (insert desired literary character here), he said unto him '(insert desired saying from Q here)'" :grin:

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