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Hey i got to a Anglican school.We of course have Christian ed classes. I live in Australia (very liberal). So as u can guess like 1% of the people at my school are christian. Anyway we have christian education classes as i was saying.


Now padre who is the preist/minister wateva at our school he teaches us in the chapel gardens. We watched ghandi and from what ive guessed he respects other religions etc. Now their a fella called charles in our class. Hes a bit of a shit stirer but all around a respectable guy. During class once he asked padre if he reads the bible everyday. Now padre responded to this with....no...i dont really like it. every1 was like :Hmm: HAHAHA. Then that same year we were discussin ghandi again and BAM charles goes. Your Christian padre. Isnt Ghandi and all them indians going to hell. Padre was so horrified. His response was. Charles we can have a talk after class. Anyway im pretty sure padre aint your typical Christian and can you honestly blame him for not wanting to read the bible?. Hes a good man but he likes to ignore the bad shit in the bible. We have chapel services and stuff where its not really preaching, its praising 'god', a tyical Anglican service. But really posotive like 'we must all remember god loved us first', sometimes its so damn positive i jst wanna jump out and point out the evil of bible god. Oh well jst a story i thought id tell. Any thoughts appreciated guyz.


Btw i beleive in a god or some kind of afterlife but do not beleive it is evil. If their is a god of actual 'love' however you interpret love, id praise him- Plz dont turn the topic howver that their is no god etc (cough Jim)

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