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I Think I Irritated A Friend Of Ours

Ms. K

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This discussion came up because we were surprised to hear that The Passion had topped Clockwork Orange in the list of Most Controversial Movies of All Time.


I said that I wasn't going to watch The Passion for a number of reasons. One, I have no intention of watching that much suffering of one person on ANY screen, big, little, or somewhere in between. Two, I firmly believe that The Passion is just so much mental masturbation by fundy nutjobs, because it's all about jerking off to the suffering because, "Jeebus loves me SO MUCH, ohhhh, I'm gonna cum cuz JEEBUS LOVES ME!"


Well, that offended one of our friends, but once I explained where I was coming from? I think he got it, but was still offended. He's still a Christian, and that's his choice, and he doesn't try to force it on me. I can understand WHY he's offended, but then again, he also makes an effort to understand why I get offended.


I think it was the "mental masturbation" commentary that got to him. I didn't have the heart to tell him that there's also the reason that I'm not so sure that Jeebus is who our friend says he is, seeing as how I'm an agnostic, and really don't believe what he does.


Oh well. I like the guy, and my last intention was to completely offend him.


However, I do think that after careful consideration, he will understand that I was not specifically referring to him when it comes to slamming the fundie nutjobs. He's not a fundie nutjob, he just believes in God, and Jesus, but he also has strong Cherokee religious beliefs (he is one, it's not for show, and he does believe in Cherokee beliefs). He wasn't upset after I explained it.....not with me, at any rate.


That, and he may reconsider his Christian beliefs. I have made no bones about my beliefs, and he does respect that. He's an odd one out when it comes to Christians....he RESPECTS other people's religious beliefs, and doesn't try to convert them. Yeah, he teases me about being a heathen, but that's okay, he teases me about other things, too, and I'm cool with that. Of course, he also engages me in serious discussion about WHY I don't believe, and he actually listens....who knows? I might be deconverting him.


I didn't apologize for holding the belief that fundie viewing of The Passion is just so much mental masturbation. I did apologize for offending him with what I said, without being nice enough to explain first. I really do like the guy....and how much I like him, well, that's a different story. There's a lot going on, let's just say.


Certainly didn't affect how he feels about me.....and how MUCH he likes me....and I'd rather post anything about that privately to those interested. Let's just say that in my marriage? I'm not the only person having un-married experiences.


But that's a bigger issue than who I offended with my opinions.

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I think it's good you are able to talk to him openly about your opinions without him getting too offended. People like that are usually more open to new possiblities - including them being wrong. But I don't know the person you are talking about enough to make such a judgement.

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