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Father's Day Message From The Pulpit... Sigh...


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Ok, I know this is probably the 10millionth rant on the same stupid subject to hit this forum. So I'm really just irrated and you folks are the only ones I can whine to about it.


I "go" to church with the wife and kids. I typically vacate after the "worship" and read a book, relax. Since it was Fathers Day last Sunday I stayed with the family. Life is full of compromises, but that is not the point of my whining.


For the sermon, they had about half dozen dads stand up in front a give some insights on being a dad. Now most of it was OK, some were pretty humerous. However, what I want to highlight are two stories.


/Start repetitive rant/


Dad #1 tells about his kid having a bad bicycle accident and fracturing his skull at around 12 years old (no mention of a helmet). It was touch and go for a while, but the kid ends up with only minor long term issues (slight loss of smell and a bald patch). Dad #1 says Gawd must have been looking out for the boy. He also said that while on the way to the hospital he and his older son agreed that no matter how it turned out, Gawd is always right(eous). He went on a bit about how important that was to him and his other son. :Wendywhatever: I have spent some time in a PICU unit with my son. Trust me, gawd is not there. Doctors, nurses and modern medical equipment is what keeps your kid alive. I didn't need gawd to help me deal with my sons issues. :shrug:


Dad #2 told about his son who they discovered was austistic and was having some serious issues starting around 2 years old. He went on about how the specialist who worked with his son aslo went to the same church. The specialist worked with the kid on Sundays (for free) and also during the week. The kid is about 9 years old now and much better and is able to be in a normal class. This is great. The conclusion reached by Dad #2? Gawd was there to heal the kid. Dad #2 is also Cancer Surgeon.


My rant is why do they think gawd was around? I don't understand how you can connect those events. I know the answer actually, but it's just so stupid.


I'm just whining to hear myself, but I just want to smack these guys with a giant fucking clue rake.


/End repetitive rant/

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No. 1 is a common story that always makes me laugh. It's said in a variety of ways; sometimes it's not God that's there, but you're just "lucky". I.e., you're in a terrible car accident and end up losing your sight and a leg and recuperate for months, even years. The doctors, nurses, relatives and friends say, "Damn, that crash would've killed anyone else! You're lucky you're alive!"


No, you're not lucky, otherwise you wouldn't have been in a damned car accident!!!

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Just remember amigo.. You are Dad, not the skIE Daddie.


We who are parents need to toss off the dependency on something unseen to protect and raise our kids as we see fit.


Be quite honest buds, I am the last man on earth who oughta've been allowed to breed. Beastie is a happy mistake/accident brought on by a few healthy moments for me and Kel's fertility.. :)


Now I have the responsibility of a young man who is growing up in size and stature it is more important to make sure that he is raised knowing that he is the final responsible thing for all the things he can influence.


Beastie is not a follower, not yet comfortable as a leader, still looking for his place.

Not being affiliated with the religous/social groups in our town is a bit of an impediment, but he stands head and shoulders above most of his classmates and friends in decision making and self direction.


'Goddidit'? Nahhhhhh... Neither did Darwin. Just some good hands off parenting, teaching as he questioned and having him learn self reliance.


The *norms* can preach all they want about how daLArde does things for them..


We need to be busy training our eventual replacements.


For daFatman and his? We'll find our own path and direction..



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All I can say about the father of the autistic boy.......Way to go on giving god all the credit but none to the little boy or the therapist who worked with him! :loser:


I also have mild autism and I know what makes us gain communication and coping skills is not prayer but hard work....lots and lots of hard work and using mechanisms over time that compensate for what we find hard to do.

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