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Dissent From Darwinism 'goes Global' As Over 600 Scientists Around The World Express Their Doubts About Darwin's Theory

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Actually, in post 18, I did. :) (I had to go back and look)

Oh, Damn it! You did! Well, doesn't hurt to give it again. But I did contribute with the Clergy Letter at least. :)

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You know what irks me about these dissents is that there is probably a grain of truth to all of them. I have said this before but the theory of evolution is not, and never was intended to be, the last word on a theory of organism. Much remains to be discovered. But whatever is discovered will not overturn the theory of evolution but only add to it in my estimation. Maybe add a great deal to it.


I think you're on the right track here.


The biologists among the 600 reasonably have their doubts about "Darwin's" evolution - that random mutations and Natural Selection (and great periods of time) are the ONLY engines driving evolution.


Fact of the matter is that there are other engines (and they don't need to be this "Thiestic Evolution" nonsense someone tossed out for consideration).


Any biologist that was studying Biological System Complexity -self organizing systems, etc. -, such as signer Stanley N. Salthe, Ph.D., (http://www.nbi.dk/~natphil/salthe/) an evolutionary biologist, would reasonably sign the document suggesting that Darwin didn't provide all of the answers of HOW evolution works some 150 years ago, but there is no suggestion that Dr. Salthe has dismissed EVOLUTION itself.


Dr. Salthe is correct and rational in signing the document and still remain an evolutionary biologist, but others appear to be misusing the document to suggest that serious biologists doubt evolution. They don't.

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