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  2. Taco Bell Gospel

    What an arrogant fuck! "Look at ME, Mommy!" "I came up with a jackastical method of evangelizing all by myself!" "I'm a BIG boy, huh, Mommy?"
  3. State of flux

    @Mothernature, If one or more of your offspring requires medical attention and your hubby attempts to prevent it please contact Child Protective Services immediately! As far as attempting to have meaningful conversations with a scream'n fundy - @Geezer is correct. There is little value in this practice. Take from me, VP (using wife as example dept.) of the Unequally Yoked Club. My forehead is only now beginning to recover from being pounded against the wall as a result of having these types of conversations with Mrs. MOHO. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  4. Today the music stops-Simon Black

    Just read today that the derivatives market is up to a mind-boggling $250T now, double what it was in 2007 before the crash. To put this into perspective, the US government debt is $17T. No predictions from this. But it sure sounds like monopoly money -- as in the game -- is floating around the system doesn't it?
  5. Today
  6. Posted more than a few newie/op-eds from Mr. Black, man whose advise I have taken (and used) for some many years. Posted as usual For What It My Be Worth to reader. Financially interested investors I encourage to take his newsletter. kL Klinda-dinka
  7. Taco Bell Gospel

    I remember when he came to my grandparents' church when I was a kid to tell us about the dinosaurs on Noah's ark. That was a fun time...
  8. Currently it would seem that He hates those who speak Spanish.
  9. Hey, Kevin, WTF happened here?!?!

    Folks, Thinking from other input that catastrophic of barrel steel in chamber area was cause. Slowing vid down going frame by frame one can see that barrel opens up from back to front all in the same few milliseconds. *POOF*!. Glad the bolt did not come loose from action in turn poking a large hole in shooters eye socket! Had several Kabooms prior, bad ammo, over-size chambers in old rifles, plain back "luck". Never anything this bad. kL
  10. Omniscient god knew from the beginning of time that homos would one day congregate in SF and Key West, where he sends hurricanes instead as he's diverse like that.
  11. Manspreading

    Exactly. I've heard some loopy stuff from feminists over the years, but this one takes the cake.
  12. Coveted

    Thanks Jeff.
  13. Related: (My State Oregon has a few zillions in unsupported retirement debt in which is giving our current legislative "owners" fits trying to force a repair patch to a decades old set of problems. Not looking good for those in OPERS.) klinkaDinka to story, related info and ads.
  14. Manspreading

    Christ, don't women know that "manspreading" is a function on not wanting your gonads mashed. How offensive to give your stuff some room....good god.
  15. Manspreading

  16. Taco Bell Gospel

    Or, you could just embarrass him by giving him the 3rd degree: Is that your legal name? Then why are you asking me to use it? Well, that's weird don't you think? Suit yourself buddy, if you want to announce to the whole restaurant you're a freak, who am I to stop you? Strange cat who asked me to write JIL, your coffee is ready!
  17. Taco Bell Gospel

    I'd ask for ID. The bible on lying: "Jesus, do you want mild , medium or FIRE sauce? " "Satan, your order is ready." "Zeus , your order is ready." "Flying spaghetti monster, your order is ready." "Mohammed, your order is ready." "Allah, your order is ready." "Beelzebub, your order is ready." You could have some major fun after Hovind picks up his order.
  18. Is The Fine Tuned Universe (Argument) Leaky..?

    Back at last! Thanks for your patience, btw End. Now for your questions. But when we define "universe", are we not defining the scientific constants, to the best of our ability, within that definition? Yes, just so. On Tuesday (my 2nd post) I referred to the observable universe and the entire universe. We can see these scientific constants in action within the observable universe, but we can't say for sure if they hold good elsewhere, in the wider, entire universe. Scientists measure these constants and then use that data to build up a working definition of what the universe is. This definition works in two different ways, on two different levels. The observable universe is defined as everything that is visible to us. The scientific constants at work within the observable universe are part of our definition of it. This definition is based on direct knowledge that can be tested. Our definition of the wider, entire universe uses what we know about the observable universe as it's starting point and then infers that what is true here should also be true elsewhere. These inferences cannot be directly tested. However, scientists employ the Copernican Principle to justify their use of inference about what they cannot see and cannot test. I can explain further if you'd like, End. Please lmk. Thanks, BAA. p.s. I'll deal with these points... Does the "space" have different properties? Or do we know this? Or am I thinking off path? Edit: Wouldn't we assume because light travels x speed and matter moves at x speed, then the "space", the "void" has some measureable properties? a few hours. Please maintain a holding pattern.
  19. Taco Bell Gospel

    My thoughts exactly. Just think what happens when he has kids watching dad telling the restaurant that his name is "Jesus Christ is Lord." What kind of example is he setting anyway? Not truth-telling, that's for sure.
  20. Praying For Permits

    So that's how Christians get every prayer answered--they pray only for things that they know are going to happen anyway. I supposed they tell themselves and their congregations that atheists don't get permits. lol
  21. Religion Destroys Lives

    I know. But what can you do? Violating her wishes is not going to make the fear go away. I agree with you that religion destroys lives. It's so sad.
  22. Religion Destroys Lives

    That's why I always compare the god of the bible to an abusive spouse. Sure he'll "forgive" you (at the price of blood), but you'd better watch yourself or he might be pissed at you for being human again. "Kiss the son, lest he become angry and you be destroyed in your ways" The bible teaches believers to cower before the threats of damnation, so even if they think they are forgiven, they still have to account for their thoughts about sin. Jesus started that one with his "even looking at a woman with lust is adultery". Lust is built into every sexual animal on the planet. Take normal and call it perverted and evil, then provide the snake-oil cure. That's religion.
  23. Is The Fine Tuned Universe (Argument) Leaky..?

    You're welcome, Realist.
  24. State of flux

    Colossians 4:14 14 Luke, the beloved physician, and Demas, greet you. In case anyone still literally believes this stuff. You, on the other hand, can make it say whatever you want. So now you have biblical authority to trust in your "beloved physician" and how dare anyone question Paul or the reported author of a gospel and Acts much less the King James translation. Love to hear his response.
  25. Thanks for the insight. Sometimes, I read too much into "things" and feel like big brother can not be escaped....Que music. PAR-A-NOID
  26. Even if you were sitting, you'd still be corrected! Buh-dum chshshahshsh!
  27. Peter Hitchens on Safe Spaces

    I disagree with a lot of what Peter Hitchens believes and promotes. However in this clip I could not fault a single thing he said and I think he is 100% right on the button. I think there are three major issues facing human society today: The rise of Islam, the radicalization of groups such as 3rd wave feminists, BLM, Antifa, Alt right etc, and the censorship of free speech which the first two issues are attributing to. Peter Hitchen's lays out what censorship of free speech would entail.
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