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Goodbye Jesus


The Ex-Christian.Net forum site is open to all with the stipulations that it not be used for a SPAM medium or a place to verbally abuse Ex-Christians.

These forums exist for the express purpose of encouraging those who have decided to leave religion behind. It is not an open challenge to Christians to avenge what they perceive as an offense against their beliefs.

Having said that, all people are welcome to join the forums and post their ideas, thoughts, or even well thought out arguments. Discussions are permitted even if they occasionally become heated. Registration is required to post in the forums.

All forums are moderated. If a topic degenerates into mindless name calling, the moderators may step in. Posters can expect to have all of their posts deleted if they simply copy and paste the same basic message repeatedly on multiple pages.

Spammers and those who regularly post acidic, angry rhetoric may be banned from posting to the board.

New members have temporary limited posting privileges.

Posters agree not to use this bulletin board to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law.

Ex-Christian.Net strongly believes in freedom of speech. We believe everybody should have the freedom to post whatever they like on their own websites, within the boundaries of the law. Anyone who finds the moderation policies of this site too constraining is free to create another website tailored to fit his or her personal preferences.

Discussion of Moderation (added December 31, 2013)

There must be no public discussion of the moderation of posts or members on the forums. In all cases of dispute, members are to first attempt dialogue with the Moderation staff by Private Message (PM). To ensure the privacy of such matters, these discussions are considered part of moderation between members and staff, and may not be publicly discussed on this site. Final appeals will be decided by the administrator. General issues and concerns about moderation can also be directed to the site administrator.

In addition, members whose posts were acted upon (either edited or deleted), may not re-post the post or thread anywhere on the forum without staff's permission. Members who ignore moderation after a reasonable amount of time, through PM or otherwise, will incur further action, such as restriction of the account.

Subverting/Undermining the forum Mission (added December 31, 2013)

The purpose of this forum is to provide a civil, informative, respectful and welcoming environment where people of diverse perspectives can discuss, compare and debate. Posts while debating and discussing different perspectives must be done in the spirit of productivity. If a person's main goal is to undermine a different perspective by creating unproductive posts/threads/responses to others, etc., then those posts may be edited or removed and be subject to moderation.

Definitions of Forum Abuse (version 1.2 - 10/16/2005) by Moderator HanSolo


Trolls tend to argue only for the cause of starting a good fight. They use inflammatory statements and try to upset people, just for the entertainment of seeing the effect. Trolls usually are closed-minded to any replies that are made, and they might jump from the original topic to just flaming anyone who disagrees with them.

Most of the time, trolls try to stay anonymous and don't post pictures of themselves or give any information of who they are.

Occasionally members can also get into a trolling action, acting similar to a troll, but their motivation is not to just stir up emotions, but rather they just are just responding with anger or irritation against an opposing poster. This type of exchange doesn't really count as trolling per se, but is just an outburst by an upset member.

What to do
Put Trolls on ignore and report them to the moderators or admins. There's rarely a point in arguing with them.

More information


A spammer is someone that does "excessive multiple posting" (EMP), i.e. repeated posting the same message, or a substantially similar message, either in the same topic or cross-posting the message in several topics. This can also be done over several different sites.

What to do
Report to moderators or admins.

More Information


A spoofer pretends to be someone else, or has multiple accounts that he or she alternates between.

Sometimes members do this for a comical effect and it is not malicious. A true spoofer is primarily someone who intentionally wants to hide their true identity in order to troll or display other disruptive behavior. Spoofing of any kind is generally not appreciated and posters who continue to spoof after being warned by a moderator may be banned from posting.

What to do
This behavior usually can't be confirmed by anyone but an admin, but members can sometimes notice things that hint to this, and can report the alleged spoofer to moderators or admins.

More Information

Quote mining/Information Pirating

Quote mining is when text from different sources are used excessively and the person is not adding any input or opinion of his own, while at the same time pretending the quote is something he or she made up.

There's nothing wrong with quoting sources, but it's extremely important to make a note that it is in fact a quote, and also include the reference from which the quote was taken, and preferably a link to a web page with the full article.

What to do
Point it out to the poster that quote mining is not appropriate, and that the correct behavior is to clearly credit the quote, and include the reference.

More information

Sniper, Post-n-run

A sniper or post-n-run starts one or more topics with questionable or inflamatory material, and then leaves to never return.

What to do
Not much to do.

New rules limiting who can start topics on the site has lessened this behavior.

More Information (Hit-and-run military style)

IMPORTANT: It is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to copy and paste copyrighted material into a posting on this website. Violators of DMCA will be disallowed from future posting for a minimum of 30 days. Do not copy and paste articles to this website that you have not written and that you do not have permission to post.

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