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    • Scholars often refer to Christianity as a cult and for good reason. Consider the traits normally associated with cults and then think about how many of those same traits can be found in Christianity.   That is why leaving Christianity is so difficult. True freedom is freedom from religion. Glad you found this site, I’m certain you will find it helpful.,
    • Welcome to Ex-C Dice.  I/we "get" you.   Based on what you have said. I sincerely doubt you are ashamed of your non belief.  Afterall, you have been free from it all for over ten years.  I am just completing my ninth year.  More likely, you are just simply concerned with the consequences, social, family, or otherwise.  For as long as you value these realtionships more than unfiltered discourse limiting your responses seems like simply an intelligent thing to do.   Yet, your feelings are still very real, and valid in these situations.  Religion, especially the Abrahamic religions, are the grestest mindfuck ever invented by man.  What your church family and friends are unable to grasp is empathy.  Instead of gaining empathy they consider others "less than" simply because their life experience does not match their own.    Everyone deserves the unfettered space and respect to express their life.  You understand this.  They likely never will.  
    • @godisthedice   It's great to have you here. Yes it is hard to escape it in some areas of life for some of us. Especially when our lives were built around the religion. We are glad to have you here and as Older says we may argue with one another at times like a couple of grumpy old men set in their ways but we all share a kinship here. Politics is where it really gets hot LOL. I've always heard that ya shouldn't talk about religion or politics because it always starts a fight....... Well we got rid of the religion part. But the politics are still there. :-) . Welcome to ExC Dice it's great to have another soul free from the oppressive bonds of Christianity here with us.   DB.
    • Shit, I just posted. I came to late, hmm, it's always the way. 
    • I reject the false idea that Christianity sold me about god and leave myself open to find the answers wherever they may lead. I don't wish there to be a God, because they're are destructive to humanities progress and learning. I would hope there is something greater than our primitive concepts of God.     
    • Welcome. We hope you'll feel comfortable contributing in the future. In your year of lurking you've certainly discovered that some of the folks here argue with each other stridently but still remain friends. Jump in, the water's fine.
    • I made my account almost a year ago, but social anxiety is real even on the internet. It's been comforting for me to even just know that this community is out here, and that I can come and read testimonies of other people who've left Christianity and feel less alone. I've started to realize recently how very damaging religion was and how much my mental health has suffered because of something directly related to religion; late's better than never, right? It seems like the right time to try to join a community of people who understand and have been through similar traumas.   The first time I went to church was when I was two weeks old, and missing a Sunday between then and when I left for college was extremely rare. I was raised General Baptist in a very small town, and I'm not sure exactly when I was pushed to start singing for the church but I was doing it before I really have any solid, conscious memories--one of my first is my mother asking me if I was going to sing "Jesus Loves Me" or "Whisper a Prayer" that week. By the time I was ten I was leading the singing. By the time I was twelve I was the church piano player. My father is a deacon and my mother is the church secretary. Church was my entire life until I got old enough to start asking questions that no one could give me a good enough answer to. Obviously I was punished for asking them in the first place and I learned to keep my mouth shut, but I never learned to stop wondering.   My issues with Christianity and the ways that I still struggle because of it could probably fill a whole novel, so I won't get into it here. I've been happily free for over a decade at this point, but it still impacts me every time I look down and keep my mouth closed when someone starts talking about church instead of being unashamed of the fact that I don't believe. Then, of course, there's the fact that church is still my parents' entire life... it's amazing how hard it is to actually escape.