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    • Perhaps I'm missing the point, but I don't see any "coincidence" here.  If the couple had been praying, "Can we please have a wedding bouquet for our anniversary?" then there would be a coincidence between the two events.   Your description doesn't say this, though, so I am assuming this wasn't the case.  All I'm seeing here is that there was a thoughtful lady who offered something nice to someone.  Happens every day.  I see nothing to do with god in here other than that the reason she knew the couple happens to be because they went to her church.
    • Well, I am indeed having computer problems!  Sorry for that "abbreviated" entry.  My computer words about as well as god has in my life!  Now that I typed up almost a complete response and lost it all, let's try again…!!! (And if anyone knows how to either go back and edit or else delete an entry please let me know. I'm not seeing how to do so.) Wow.  You have really got a lot of responses already, but I will go ahead and add one more.  I left Christianity when I was in my late 20s basically just because it simply wasn't working.  I tried to tell others they need to have a "relationship" with god, but where was he in my own life? There simply wasn't any reality to it, so eventually when something doesn't work you give up and go in a different direction.  That doesn't mean it was a simple "cut and dry" decision.  It took me years to work through it all.  I think I have finally arrived at the point that I don't worry about the Bible's claims of heaven and hell and the possibility of suffering for all eternity in a lake of fire. (How could I have believed such stuff? I now ask myself.)  But I am now 60 years old, so it has taken a long time.  I hope it doesn't take so long for you. I am not sure what will make the transition easier, except that I think you have taken a really god step by joining this forum.  (I am new also, so I can't give you any glowing testimonial yet.)  I think another important thing would be to find people in your own community, if you haven't already, who are non-theistic and perhaps come from a similar background as yourself who can share their experiences.  I didn't have much personal support when I was breaking away.  I'm sure it would have been much easier if I had had that.  In the city where I now live there are several meet-up groups that are secular or atheistic in nature. You might try meet-up. Also, you are welcome to view some stuff that I have online.  I have a list of reasons why I don't believe in religious beliefs, beyond it simply not working in my life.  Feel free to read them at  I have also compiled a list of contradictions in the Bible that I have found as I have gone through to process of writing a (soon to be published, I hope) parody of the Bible.  You can view that at  I think you would find it hard to take the Bible's claims seriously, about heaven or hell or whatever, after reading that.  I hope those will be helpful. Good luck in your journey.
    • Are there any ex-Mennonites here?  I am looking for an ex-Mennonite to give me an honest description of life in a Mennonite community.
    • Well hello Luna, come on down!    You're the next pagan contestant on "Who is Right?"    😂   Seriously though, we have neo-pagan members and assorted discussions in that direction which can be found here:
    • Because of Paul, basically. Or Pseudo Paul.    That's another red flag about all of this. It's literally MAN made and a product of the times. The condoning of slavery too. It's so obviously man made and yet that can be so hard for a struggling person to embrace 100%. Even though it's very obvious to others. 
    • You have a limited amount of internet time each day yet you have been responding to me for a few days now.  I respect that, and no I'm not trolling you although if I'm honest I have been joking a point.   In my opinion, spirituality/religions/and so on did not come out of geography and the stuff you said and  I quoted...   "...Buddhism is all "everything is one and an illusion and merge into the big one blobby thing" (an idea that is NOT attractive to that many people outside of the east btw),"    and    "The abrahamic monotheisms are all about "Obedience" which European peoples RECOIL from, which is why the conversion to Christianity was so fucking brutal. etc."   have nothing to do with geography that I can see.