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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Naughtyhamster

      Going out to a cheap but hip Japanese restaurant for a birthday gift to myself. My mom wanted to go to a Japanese restaurant for Christmas anyway, but she won't be with me to enjoy the fun.  
      · 1 reply
    • TylerJ

      It's all fine. He told them and his job is 100% secure and they don't hate me, not that I care if they did. I'm just so burnt out, this whole thing has been so stressful and I am an introvert. I've retreated to a different room and sort of made a safe space for myself and he apparently doesn't understand the meaning of leave me the hell alone.
      · 2 replies
    • SkipNChurch

      Consider this:
      “Hate speech” is free speech.
      “Hate speech” is free speech. “
      Hate speech” is free speech.
      “Hate speech” isn’t real.
      “Hate speech” is subjective.
      “Hate speech” didn’t exist as a term 50 years ago.
      “Hate speech” is 1984 Wrong Think.
      · 2 replies
    • TylerJ

      So the husband sort of forced it out of me last night. He was guessing and I couldn't lie. Now he wants to tell the eldership at church (he is employed as a youth pastor) and I am worried he is going to lose his job. He is not indicating that he wants to leave me, at least not yet, he is still going through lots of emotions so I am just trying to give him the time and space to process and be as understanding as possible. I'm kinda scared guys.
      · 2 replies
    • SkipNChurch

      Cats are like wives you can't divorce...
      · 1 reply
  • Recent Posts

    •      What if I understand "god" to be a man-made mythical creature?  It seems odd, if not downright crazy, to expect a total fiction to be helpful in any sort of way.        If the argument here is that the twelve steps have submission to god in them and boy are they successful (they're not as has been pointed out) then that would mean slapping submission to god on anything should make it the best of the best all the time.  So Islam?             mwc  
    •   Pure gold that statement. The key word for me (bolded) is responsibility. Far too little of it these days.
    • This video got me thinking about #1 of both the KCA and the Counter KCA.     P1 in the KCA seems to rely on time, except when there is no time cause and effect has no meaning. Hence why talking about the 'time'  before the big bang makes no sense. If there is no cause and effect outside time, then the big bang was merely the next step in the pattern that was preceding it, thus nullifying the need for any un-caused creator.     Agree? Disagree?    
    •   For me, the list fails at point #1, because everything I've achieved in my life is a direct result of taking responsibility, challenging my own weaknesses and conquering them.  No matter how powerless you think you are, you will not make any genuine inroads until you claim your power and use it, rather than expecting help from a supernatural source.    
    • Hey, I'm in very much the same boat as you, and struggling as well. My husband and I have 3 kids aged 5 to 12. We were both raised in Christian homes. I started having serious doubts about a decade ago, my husband about 3 years ago. I carried on for a while after being talked out of my doubts by a friend, attending church and being heavily involved in children's ministries. Hubby and I had a big talk about 18 months ago discovering that we had the same doubts and haven't been to church in over a year.    Now I really struggle with the questions our 5 and 9 year old daughters have, fortunately our 12 year old son has been a staunch heathen his whole life. I've told him that we aren't sure what we believe anymore but it's hard with the girls. My husband has elderly parents that would be devastated if they knew so we can't tell the kids too much. They're also being indoctrinated at school so it's difficult.    I'm doing a few things ad-hoc: trying to avoid answering religious questions directly, asking them if they think the Bible makes sense on whatever issue they have, teaching them the basics of evolution and other scientific principles, telling them the truth when they ask if fairy stories and concepts are real. It's a day at a time though. I'm waiting for the 5 year old who likes to speak her mind to make an announcement one day at a family function that we don't go to church anymore.
    • For a moment I thought this was a study of my ex wife. Never mind, carry on....
    •   A two-faced Christian? Whodathunkit?     On a positive note, at least he admitted that his so-called "research" is rather basic. It clearly has no depth.  
    •   You state (located to the left of each post you make) that you are interested in "Theological Debates" and that is "why I am here".  Here you say you are only here to "enjoy" reading debates and are not interested in or willing to enter debates yourself.  Yet your broadcasted the short version of your religious life story conveniently adding typical Christian dogma.     Yes, it's probably best if you do not post anymore on this forum.  It would likely interfere with your "research".