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    • Welcome to Ex-C, @Jace.   Congrats on thinking you way out of the mind-control.    I am also unequally yoked and Mrs. MOHO is has one of those personalities where everyone she come in contact with simply must think the way she does...or else. Be it politics, religion, or the finer point of teaching your dog to walk backwards after shaving his arse.   We have found a way to make it work by mostly ignoring the topic. Once in a while she'll attempt to bring it up but my total and complete lack of attention when that begins seems to mitigate her enthusiasm. 
    • Excellent use of an unused but very beautiful old church.
    • Thanks for the responses.  This morning, as I look back on last night's post,  I ask myself why I made it.   I dont even drink, so can't blame it on being drunk!  My ego got the best of me.  We human beings are perplexing creatures.  With our denials of reality, refusals to look at all sides of issues, and blindly following heros and "holy ones", it is no wonder we have so many problems in society.  Early despots knew what they were doing when they came up with the concept of original sin.  To keep control of the masses, we are conditioned to believe there are some things you just don't question.  
    • You'll find the other 3 parts when you click the link on you-tube. Carlton is still into spirituality but he still will show you the knowledge of why the bible is man-made. He basically has changed so much in the past few years, he only mentions jesus very little now. This testimony is when he first started to question the bible. He is still involved in the doctrine of ''all inclusive'' and believes in a ''source power'' but it's not that bad..... much better concept than literal christianity.    
    • Deleted Double post. Am I the only one having issues with this site? I've been having issues for several days now.
    • Welcome aboard. I was a fundamentalists Christian for 47 years before I saw the light & became a non-believer. I've been a non-believer for several years now. My wife is still a believer though but we've been able to work it out.    I told I would go to church with her but only if she found a liberal version of Christianity. She left the Church of Christ and jointed the United Methodists. They're nice folks and they don't much care what you believe, they are very non-judgemental. I'm not a believer but I can tolerate the Methodist folk.  My point being my wife and I found a way to compromise.    We've been married for 52 years & we were not going to let religion destroy our marriage or our love for each other. I hope you and your husband can find a way to compromise  too. It would be a shame to allow religion to destroy your marriage. 
    • ExPCA, I think I have watched just about every you-tube on these Ex-preachers and why they left christianity. They have studied history and the bible myths like no others. Start to watch some of these.They will help you immensely. And of course, we have our very own  Bible scholars right here on ex-c who have put in a tremendous amount of time researching the bible to actually become comfortable with the rejection of christianity. Look some of these guys up. Do not watch the debates. They will only confuse you. Just watch their very own testimonies of why they ended up rejecting the religion of christianity.   Hope this helps.    Dan Barker, Jerry Dewitt, Charles Templeton (who was Billy Grahams' best friend), Bart Campolo, John Shelby, Teresa MacBain, Carlton Pearson (who doesn't even preach Jesus anymore in his ''all inclusive'' doctrine), Anthony Pinn, Andrew Johnson, John W. Loftus, Matt Dillahunty and many more...   (hug)   Here's a start...Dan Barker.....