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  • Recent Status Updates

    • SkipNChurch

      Consider this:
      “Hate speech” is free speech.
      “Hate speech” is free speech. “
      Hate speech” is free speech.
      “Hate speech” isn’t real.
      “Hate speech” is subjective.
      “Hate speech” didn’t exist as a term 50 years ago.
      “Hate speech” is 1984 Wrong Think.
      · 1 reply
    • TylerJ

      So the husband sort of forced it out of me last night. He was guessing and I couldn't lie. Now he wants to tell the eldership at church (he is employed as a youth pastor) and I am worried he is going to lose his job. He is not indicating that he wants to leave me, at least not yet, he is still going through lots of emotions so I am just trying to give him the time and space to process and be as understanding as possible. I'm kinda scared guys.
      · 2 replies
    • SkipNChurch

      Cats are like wives you can't divorce...
      · 1 reply
    • Naughtyhamster

      The holidays will be so hard for me as my mom passed on the 11th of last month. 
      · 2 replies
    • TylerJ

      The good news is I think I've fully deprogrammed, the bad news is having to go to church now really sucks. I would rather not have to listen to BS on the weekly. 
      · 2 replies
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    • I'm not all that good at introduction but my name is Jess and I'm an eighteen year old from Colorado. I was raised in a Christian family (as in pretty much the entirety of my family is either Christian or Catholic). I started questioning Christianity when I was maybe 6 or 7, stopped identifying as Christian at 12, and started identifying as agnostic at 16. I've been struggling to de-program myself for quite a while but it's proven to be quite a challenge. I wanted to join so I could hopefully find support and helpful advice. 

      Thanks for letting me join.
    •   Yup. We Ex-Christians should start our own denomination complete with Bible proofs and what various authors say that agree with whatever we want to claim is true. It could be a lot of fun!
    • Because the bible doesn't really mean what it really says.  What it REALLY means is... whatever Ironhorse agrees with.
    •   Now that I think of it, there is probably a book in his dad's library that will tell IH what he independently thinks and believes. I'll bet it won't be the Bible though. It will be what someone else tells him the Bible is really saying.
    • And I'm sure that "someone" probably came up with the answer by approaching the scripture with his/her beliefs and then trying to validate them.  Which means the answer is wrong.  Unless Ironhorse agrees with it.
    • Hmm... this sounds promising. Can you elaborate? I can hear someone replying, "Well, let's say the moon is made of green cheese. And green cheese is made of molecules that are made of etc etc all the way down to subatomic particles we'll call Cheezies. But Cheezies do not exist. Good night, Moon."
    •   It also makes it obvious that one can make the Bible say anything and fit anyone's idea of what Biblegod should be like. I can't wait to see IH's response to the Prof's question. I'm sure Ironhorse is searching the internet right now to find someone's answer.  
    • So, you reference other scriptures to better understand what you already believe.  Which means you do "approach the scriptures with 'my beliefs' and then try to validate them".  Which is EXACTLY what those other guys (who are wrong) also do.  So, again, I must pose the question, what makes you any different from them?  Please try to answer the question this time.