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    • If an idea has worth, it does so on the merit of the idea.  Whether or not it ever passed the lips of someone called Yeshua is utterly irrelevant.
    • Christianity ruined my brain too and my mental health.   I’m so glad you can finally enjoy life and do all the things you want to do with a passion! 😀👍   It’s tough fighting the way through to be free from it completely. I’m still on the journey of deconverting and what really sucks to me right now is to see Christianity and things influenced by Christianity everywhere. Trying really hard to find more non-Christian things literally everywhere.
    • I tried to edit my post, but don't know how or if it's possible.   just wanted to add that my trauma from religion sits very deep and I try to avoid the things that remind me of it. As a huge music lover it frustrates me a lot that I don't find enough music from non-Christians.
    • Given how sadistic the Christian god is and the way that he and Satan used Job and his family as pawns in a game they were playing, I wouldn't necessarily consider travesties like these as an argument for his non-existence.   Things like this still sicken me and give me the idea that the existence of a benevolent god is unlikely. I'm not sure that the same can be said for apathetic or sadistic ones, but I don't have any evidence either way for those.
    • I love music! It's my passion and a big part of my life.   Unfortunately though, majority of my favorite artists and bands call themselves Christian. I don't listen to Christian music, they're all secular artists and they're liberal when it comes to LGBTQ rights, women rights and so on.   But it still bothers me a lot! They have songs that are inspired by their faith and they also talk and mention their faith from time to time. Of course they can do that, but it makes me furious, because I know they've been manipulated and indoctrinated and that they have a huge influence on their fans, especially younger ones.   I listen to a lot of different genres, mostly rock and pop.   What makes me really really mad is the ridiculous Hillsong-trend in the last few years and some of the pop artists I enjoy listening (not Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!) are involved with that church and they have really young fans and I see their fan accounts online and how strongly influenced they are by that. They try everything just to be like their favorite singers.   Do you have some suggestions of some great non-Christian singers or bands? It doesn't have to be rock or pop, but if so it would be great   I listen to rock, pop rock, pop punk, alternative rock, post-grunge, hard rock, punk rock, indie rock, indie pop, alternative pop, punk, new wave, garage rock, soul, grunge, power pop, emo, pop, art pop, dream pop, dark pop, psychodelic rock, blues rock, symphonic rock, progressive rock, soft rock, folk rock, some dancehall, trap, funk, synthpop, electro pop and dance pop, dance rock, some heavy metal, a little bit r&b.
    • Really strange how the concept that hatred breeds more hatred and conflict cannot be understood. 
    • I agree Josh, and thanks for posting this.    The main reason I started (and am carrying on with) this thread was to try to present a completely a-theistic, and accessible, account of as many common crucial philosophical issues as possible. I've reached a point in my own journey where discussing Christianity as such is just boring to me. It's just obviously incorrect. Still,  there are a lot of questions that need to be answered from an ex-Christian point of view. My goal in this thread has been to try to present a framework from which an ex-Christian will be able to answer many, if not most, Christian objections.   The issue of morality is one that was particularly important to me in my initial deconversion, in no small part because of the arguments of WLC (and CS Lewis as well). @WalterP has basically destroyed Craig's cosmological argument. I think that what I've presented here, together with my previous morality thread, essentially dispenses with his moral argument. If so, that's two of his five favorite arguments which have been soundly refuted. I'm hoping that members here will find this to be of some value.
    • I can't tell you how to feel... but if it gives you any perspective many of us have had angry/dark phases of our deconversion, and aren't too proud of the things we said or did during those periods. I mean, think about it... the paradigm shift of realizing everything you've been told is a lie is kind of a lot to process and handle. It's normal to bug out. That being said, glad to hear you feel more internally at peace now!   Everything you've said is clear and meaningful and not incoherent at all.
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