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    • Hi William   Welcome to Ex-C.   I can only chuckle at the last two lines. It is eyerollingly (Is that a word?) typical christian behavior. I think I speak for many, if not most here when I say typical christian behavior is not going to make anybody bat an eyelid.    If you've looked around our forum you would have seen a section where Christians are specifically encouraged to go in an give their best arguments. It's called the Lion's Den - nice little reference to Daniel of course.    We'd love for you to go in and make your best argument. The last few Christians that have been through have been... well disappointingly typical. Not sure if anybody is interested in going to your site, all power to them if they want to, but we'd love for you to put your stake in here. We might learn off each other. I'd be interested in why as a non believer you became convinced that Christianity, of all the religions, is the one true religion, and what particular flavor of Christianity do you feel is correct? You don't seem to agree with the Televangelist types.   Let me close with this:   May the noodley appendage of the Holy FSM touch you, may his prophets bless you.     Cheers LF   PS my security says your forum is unsafe and uses unsupported protocol... so accessing is a bit of a problem. Might need to upgrade your web protocols?    
    • I remember watching an interview with Bill Wiese about his book 23 Minutes in Hell.  The gist of the book is that God sent him to Hell for 23 minutes so he could experience it and then preach about it to save souls from going there.  He explained separation from God as the lack of attributes associated with God.  If God is breath, you don't breathe well in Hell.  There's no love in Hell, because God is love.  No light in Hell because God is light, and so on.  It was an interesting take on the subject, especially if you don't cherry-pick your verses and realize that there's no evil in Hell either because God is the author of evil and so on.   The belief that sinners choose Hell over Heaven is nothing more than a comforting bedtime story Christians tell themselves to rectify a God who sends people to eternal torment for trivial reasons being all good and all loving.  Members here have rightly made the deduction that Christianity is a feeding frenzy of sadists saying that everyone but them is going to suffer eternally.  Of course, most of these Hell-bound people are other Christians who have "wrong theology", whatever that is.  You'd think that John 3:16 would cover all that, but apparently it doesn't for them.
    • Hello everyone,   My name is William and I'm the owner of I stumbled upon this site coming upon it by searching certain Google key word phrase queries. Lemme not mislead anyone here, I am a former unbeliever and now "very devout" Christian. I'm not here to pound anyone with my bible etc., but I had a thought while visiting this site. Would staff here accept an invite to dialogue and debate on our forum? I was thinking it might be rather interesting after having agreed on a topic or rather one where we could touch upon some of the "reservations" against Christianity. I'd like to invite this board's staff or determined reps to our forum for a discussion. After we agree on a topic and we debate it on our board we would gladly debate the same topic or another here. Consider this a sincerely friendly invitation.   The way I look at it is that a lot of "kindergarten" or misconceptions could be cleared up. Often times someone receives 3rd grade level education on Christianity, but today they continue in public education and graduate high school or attend at the University level where they're subjected to increasingly developed secularism though their education in Christian theology never develops any further than Sunday school.  I noted that while browsing this board that "televangelist" are often a rightfully so targeted. Shame such people with horrible theology are the basis of rejecting Christianity. I must say if face to face with Televangelist I'd reject Christianity too. I'm not buying what they're selling. I'd like to approach topics ect from a classical or historical Protestant perspective.   While I often think about the audience I'm addressing lemme leave on this note. God bless.   I imagine some might cringe at that notion, perhaps, but nonetheless, I mean it.   God bless, William
    • This sounds very sad and painful, mich. Does writing help you to process things?
    • Thanks for your reply. Happy to hear that things seem okay right now. But please watch out for yourself. Do I understand correctly that he also deconverted?
    • Hi there, again,   I just listened to episode one. Great stuff. Humor is such a good form of therapy, thanks for making me laugh! My favorite bits and pieces so far: the sex booth, of course, and "No hand clapping in my church!" I also totally relate to missing community. That's a biggie. But I guess it's also part of breaking free. Ironically, I also miss singing, although I don't miss those porn-like, ever repetitive worshit songs (see other thread) and the social control coming with church.   Keep it up, Karen!   OTRR
    • The Chinese are doing some cool space stuff. We need the competition so we don't just sit on our assets. Space X seems to be leading the way commercially.
    • Nice try.  You almost had me.  But everyone knows that no matter who spoke Trump with, real or not, he would have had a very nice conversation, they would have been very complimentary and a great many things would have been accomplished.            mwc