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    • TheRedneckProfessor

      That rose that rose
      To another's nose
      And sent its scent
      Where wild wind blows
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    • Unsure

      I got nostalgia about an old friend who helped me leave religion behind. I remembered during that time, I used to visit this forum a lot. I met amazing characters here and I'm grateful for their help in a time of pure uncertainty. I hope to return the favor.
      · 1 reply
    • TheRedneckProfessor

      Nobody likes a smart ass.  Even fewer people like a dumbass.
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    • Weezer  »  OrdinaryClay

      How do you know it is true, if you have not looked at all the evidence?
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    • Lost

      If anyone remembers me, I just want to let You know that I am alive and still thinking about Ex-Christian forum and about people that I  met here :) I just had a break mostly, because of problems with Internet connection at my home. Soon it will be fixed and I will come back here for longer time :) Greetings :)
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    • Working on it . . . .                         PENDULUM                            |                            |                            |                            | I hate all things          |           I’m still sort of    christian!              |              a believer.                            |                           ---                          |   |                           ---                       I’m over it.
    • Fortunately, wifey doesn't force me to put up the outside lights any more. No matter how you stow them away, the light fairy comes in July and tangles them up mercilessly, and blows out at least 1/4 of the bulbs. So now we're done with that. Ditto the tree. For a couple of years I had to put lights on a potted plant by the dining room window, but she's backed off on that, too. But no matter how hard I try, she won't let me sleep in late as we have to get across town to the grandkids' house. They're fundies, but they don't push it off on us and we all get along great. We watch the kids open and play with their new stuff and we eat too much.
    • Edgarcito, also consider that there are primitive tribes who never heard of "our" God, but are very peaceful, moral people.  Read about the Hadza tribe in Africa.  Where did their morality come from?  Rational, critical thinking people can figure out what is in their best interest. It seems there needs to be a concern for others,  as well as a concern for self.  Empathy.     I see you are visiting the forum, but not addressing these posts.  I hope our input is helpful.   Along these lines, also consider that the doctrine of original sin is a self fulfilling prophecy.  If you believe you are inherently evil, or incomplete, and need an infallible deity to guide you, then you will likely act that way.  But if you believe you are an important, equal part of a whole, and believe you have reasoning ability,  just like everyone else, you will be more likely to think and act in ways to benefit yourself, and the whole of society.
    • The only real reason I decorate or do Christmas stuff other than presents is my girlfriend, but even then we have a pretty non traditional tree and decorations. When I visit my family the only thing I really enjoy is the advent wreath, and for me that's more the reflection and meditation with candles as symbolism rather than preparing for Christ. Every year though I'm infinitely thankful my family wasn't like some of the missionary families we knew who put up stern and minimalist nativities instead of trees and used the whole season to beat the True Meaning Of Christmas ™️ into everyone's brains. No presents or joy, just baby jesus.
    • There's a couple songs I still like, but I've never been a huge xmas music fan outside of like, billie holiday or frank sinatra. 
    • For many years I used to put a Grinch and an Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street under the tree or on the mantle.  They were leftover stuffed animals from my kids' childhood.  Then I switched to tropical decorations.            
    • I still enjoy the Santa Claus stuff, like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, etc, but can do without the religious stuff.
    • Fortunately, my current cat is not a psycho climber cat.  But she does enjoy drinking the tree water, as does my old beagle.
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