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    • I used to tell people that I am an atheist.  A common response was, “You mean you are an agnostic”; and I would say, no, I mean atheist.  Then I would have the talk with them that every agnostic, like every other person on earth, is either a theist or an atheist; and sometimes I would get into active vs. passive atheism.  Now, to save all that, I just say that I am not a believer.  I think it is a better description.
    • I've been here couple of years.  Hung around the ex-church of Christ site for a while, but as one person said, a lot of them had left the Church building, but not the parking lot. 
    • Just curious.  Do Calvinist claim to know who has been "elected"?
    • 9. What I like is the intelligent discussions by knowledgable folks who excel at debate, logic and philosophy and who write well and in complete sentences. 
    • I prefer to say that I'm not religious, that I don't believe in gods or spirits in any way. I avoid the term "atheist," because some Christians use it as a pejorative. Also, many people don't understand what an atheist is and think that it is some sort of belief system or that atheism is an anti-Christian movement. (Yes, some atheists are anti-Christian, but those are two different things.)   Now I really don't care what Christians think but the reality of it is that to have a dialog with them it is easier to use language that they understand, so I avoid "atheist" because of the connotations it brings up in their minds.
    • Hello, Mark! I'm glad you're here! I grew up in a Calvinist family and so I empathize with the struggle and fear of breaking free from that particular nightmare. My parents have definitely branded me as 'unelect', but fortunately I have successfully made myself financially and socially independent. Cudos to your courage and your journey! 
    • Welcome to Ex-c Mark! So glad you found us. We here at Ex totally understand why you are here! Keep posting and read all you can. Looking forward to hearing more from you!     Big (hug)
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