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      "Speaking Truth to Evil." Isn't that what we are doing everytime we talk to a christian?
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      "Nunc Id Vides, Nunc Ne Vides" --I think it's apropos of religious doctrine: it was there while they said it, but the moment they stopped talking, it wasn't there. It never really existed at all. Sort of like a coin in a circus magic act.
      Mebbe that's the best motto for religion: "Now you see it, Now you don't"
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    • I do not understand that. Really. Its value for me is minus. It is damaging.   For me, liberating myself from the illusion of free wil brings only peace and happiness and compassion. I think it is actually a bad thing, it brings forth fear, guilt, shame, some perfectionism, blaming other people, etc. But, really, I conscious that such thing is MY OWN experience with it. Maybe some people with, at least temporarily fall into great depression about it if they thought free will is an illusion at the deep level.    Only speculating here, but maybe coming from an Eastern European country helps. The US and the anglosaxon world is kind of built upon the idea of freedom, free choice, doing what you want, the free invidual, the self made man. It is the main myth, yes myth, of the Anglosaxon world. People give up God easier than the belief in free will. :)) Freedom was never quite that big thing in my education. Happiness, finding your place, etc, was far more put forth as a thing to want. 
    • LF,  After reading my writings first before posting them, I almost always edit my longer postings the next day or two, sometimes just by changing a couple of words in a sentence. I nearly always find a better way to express my intended meanings.
    • Thank you for the reply. I can now move on with my research. 
    • Hello! I'm sorry you're experiencing the fear again! 3 years might seem like a long time but trauma, including religious trauma like the fear of hell, can take lots of time and effort to heal. I think for me it took about 10+ years. Anyways, don't fret.   There's no shame in looking for medical help or guidance about anxiety. A lot of people struggle with this and there are a variety of ways to handle it. Like I said - what you're experiencing is a form of trauma - it's going to have some ups in down in the progress of recovery.   I wish you well! I'm no medical professional so in the meantime I can recommend looking at cat videos or listening to some music! Most of all I want you to know that this is normal and that you can overcome it! Deep breaths!
    • Rounin is correct in that it can happen on most any day of the week.  Just keep in mind that it must occur during the full moon (or nearly so...it's a full moon feast...so if you check when it happens it's two weeks after the new moon) so it cannot occur at the same time as a fast day nor can it occur at the same time as a solar eclipse (these are not compatible events).  Also, Passover is really just something that occurs at night.  It starts at sundown on the 15th and runs until morning.  All the stuff that happens prior to that is really happening the day before (since Hebrew days are sundown to sundown).  So the 14th has plenty of things happening but aren't really Passover (they're the preparation).  Passover then begins at sundown.  So in our calendar (I'll just make up a Gregorian date for to use for Passover for my example) we might have the Passover start on April 2nd (Nisan 14/15).  All day until sundown this is not Passover but once sundown happens (now Nisan 15), it's still April 2nd, but it's now Passover which continues until sunrise on April 3rd (still Nisan 15, Nisan 16 at sundown).  Using two calendars is what tends to get confusing.        At this point the Feast of Unleavened Bread happens.  This usually doesn't get much fanfare and is just sort of "rolled-into" Passover.  The thing is Passover is just the one night while the Feast of Unleavened Bread is what really goes for the rest of the week.  This day is also when the count to Pentecost starts.  This was another harvest festival but, as we now know, is when jesus decided to fly to heaven.  Seems jesus did lots of stuff on the Jewish feasts.             mwc  
    • If hell is real, why is it expected to be believed in?    Just look directly at the fear, and you will see that there is no monster under your bed.
    • Ok thank you for the advice. 
    • As far as I can tell, it varies between Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, but if so, that's in current times. Historical practices might have been different. It also seems like some branches of Judaism use slightly different calendars. Perhaps an expert on Judaism might be better suited to answer your question.
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