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    • M4rio

      Is there a forum search?  I don't see it on mobile
      · 1 reply
    • theanticrash

      I feel comfortably numb. 
      · 0 replies
    • knightcore

      I'm almost 1000 hours through cosmetology school! I have 500 more to go but this is a really big accomplishment for me. I had to drop out for five months and I also struggle with acute depression so I am very proud of myself right now.
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    • Lilith666

      Is it legal for an employer to penalize a worker for leaving early due to illness, even after the worker provides requested documentation?
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    • RealityCheck  »  Lost

      Just because a person is an atheist/non religious doesn't mean that they're suitable to be a lifetime partner.  Likewise, just because a person is a Christian, doesn't mean that they're unsuitable.  If I had to commit to marriage I would rather have a faithful, stable, Christian wife than some of the individuals I've seen in the atheist community so far.  Of course, I don't know the whole story or what else could have gone into her decision (besides pressure from her Christian mother and her child).

      (Sorry, I meant to reply directly to your status but posted here by accident, I can't delete this now).
      · 3 replies
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    •   Now see, that was beautiful and so well done.  Why can't I do that!
    •   I know very well why I left and told her some of that, but I'm much more eloquent in writing than I am in person, and I definitely do not have the skills in debate that so many of you here have.  I'm going to try to rely on the basics - I just don't believe anymore - and hope that deflects most of it.  My husband likes to respond with, "According to the Bible, faith is a gift from god.  He never gave me that gift, so oh well!"
    •   A potential answer: No his life was not a waste, he did what he believed in, he left behind children who loved him and have made their own lives, he was happy and died believing. My lack of belief in no way impacts on the meaning of Dad's life. (Alter for personal circumstances)   Or something along those lines.
    •   Thanks!  My conversations with my mom were pretty interesting.  She asked some questions I didn't expect.  I answered them honestly and didn't fumble too bad (I'm not very good off-the-cuff, but I held my own).  The most difficult question was more of an observation - I feel like your loss of faith negates everything your father believed in and lived for; do you think his life was a waste?  Ummm . . . Wow.  Was not expecting her to go there so quickly!  I definitely fumbled my way through that one, but I suspect it will come up again.  
    •   Well, relief isn't quite what I'm feeling exactly.  It's more mild apprehension.  I can handle my mom alright, but my brother and his wife are something else.  I described them as "mild" in a lot of things, but they are strong believers, homeschool their kids, pulled their sons out of the Boy Scouts over the whole gay thing, have their girls in some sort of "God's Princesses" club (sort of a Christian version of Girl Scouts where they learn domestic skills - that's not the name of it, but I can't remember what it's called), etc.  Oldest son is 18 and in a serious relationship with a girl who was also homeschooled.  They're both in college, and when I mentioned I hoped they wouldn't get married until they finished school, my SIL got defensive and said they got married at 21 and "everyone said we were too young but we're still together and we think it was god's will".  Yeah, whatever.  Just because it worked for you doesn't mean it's a good idea for everyone.  Anyway, we won't see them until July and I wonder what it will be like.  I'm hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.  
    • That's a pretty narrow and biased view MM...js.
    • So I would assume you would give your life for your family, but you think that would not be enough for them to decide they trust you?
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