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Foster Home Memories # 1



I don't often talk about my past, not because I have anything I particularly want to keep secret or to hide or to forget - it just doesn't come up in conversation much and if it does it makes everybody all awkward and all that and they sorta regret asking the probing question which revealed details about me they didn't wish to know about :)


Anyways. I was reading something about emergency line workers this morning and it made me think of my most memorable experience of having to make an emergency call.


My mother started exhibiting mental illness symptoms when I was around 7-8, that's a story for another time though. Anyways as a result I was put into the care of a couple that were friends with my mother. I found "Steve" (I guess you could call him the foster father) to be a bit weird, a bit of a tool but overall a guy that I could put up with as he wasn't really totally bad.


So, one day I can't really remember the details surrounding the event but I do remember my mum calling up and she was crying and basically saying goodbye as she downed a lot of pills in an attempt to kill herself. I remember the weird behaviour my mother's friends had. Their reaction was basically like "wow man, this is really annoying that you did this. I hope you realise how severely you've now inconvenienced us". A very interesting reaction to have, no?


Anyways, Steve called up emergency services and told them of the situation. He then asked for the address of where we lived. He was fairly confident he knew it but wanted to double check it with me. I thought he had the digits inversed (i.e. 58 as opposed to 85) but I wasn't sure. His reaction was basically to threaten to beat me if it turned out that I gave the wrong information.


We're no longer in contact with them (albeit for different reasons than the ones mentioned above), but if we were I guess I'd want that cunt to know that it's probably not the wisest idea to take an already stressful situation for an 8 year old child, and throw a potential beating into the mix as well. Asshole.


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Thanks, it wasn't all that bad. Others have sure had it worse, that's for sure :)

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