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Fhm # 3 - Miscellaneous Memories




During my mother's descent into madness, a whole host of things happened. Especially during the period between my mother's first stint in the mental hospital and her second major one. You see, it sucked pretty badly being in the foster homes that I was in and I figured putting up with my crazy mother was less of a jabbing than dealing with them.


The first thing I really remember her doing that was weird was basically claiming that she was drugged and hypnotised at some football club near where we lived. Her entire description of the event was bizarre. Shortly after that she started having the lights on in the house 24/7. I got used to sleeping with them on, and when I went back to a foster home it took me forever to get use to being without them. The whole lights thing was because of demons and all that. When she looked at me at night she saw some scary stuff and they only went away with the lights on. Thinking about it just now, I'm surprised she didn't kill me during this period.


Another thing that she'd do is laugh. Even now if people laugh around me and I don't know the reason why, it angers me. You see my mother heard voices and they would often tell her jokes or otherwise make her laugh. It was very hard to get her attention. I would have to scream repeatedly till I was able to get a hold of her, and there she'd go - laughing again.


She also started getting violent with people. I remember a friend of our neighbour asked us for some cigarettes and my mother said she'd go get some. She turned the kettle on and the guy asked what was taking so long, I told her she had the kettle on for some reason. Shortly afterwards she walks outside and throws the boiling water on the man.


Anyways, in my next post I'll focus on my actual foster home experiences.



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