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Episode 3 - Which Type Are You?




An illustration by Joas Adiprasetya


In a voyage, a man fell into the sea. Unfortunately, that poor man cannot swim so he yell for help. Luckily, some people in the ship are willing to help him. However, each of those persons has a different background:

The first person is a moralist. He take a book "how to swim" and throw it near that drowning person. Then he yell: read that book and follow the guidance, you will survive!


The second person is an idealist. He believes in the motto "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime". He believe that he should be a facilitator and give the example. Then he jump to sea near that drowning man and say: look at the way I swim, do as I do and you will survive.


The third person is an institutional. He see that and yell: help is on the way. We will make a rescue team and we will discuss the best approach to save you. Hang in there, you will survive.


The fourth person is a positive thinker. He shout: my super friend, your situation is not as bad as you think it is. Just think about the dry land and you will get what you are thinking.


The fifth person is a revivalist. He see the drown man, he know that salvation of soul is more important. So he ask: my friend, do you believe that you will go to heaven after you die if you believes in Jesus. That drowning man is already in the water with only his hand waving for help. The revivalist see the raising hand and say: thank you jesus, that man raise his hand as a sign he believe in you.


the last person is a realist. He jump to the sea and help that drowning person,


Which one is you?



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I like how the idealist responded to the event; but when responding to an emergency it's not always best to jump into the water to save the person. Out of panic, the victim might reach out and pull you down with them, trying to stay up. It would be safer to act out movements and try to explain to them how to stay up if they don't know how to swim.


The third person gave the best response. While waiting for rescue they could look for something to toss in the water, something they can use to pull the person to safety.

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The person is already drowning and there is no time for any of the options except to jump in and help the drowning person. The one diving in needs to feel confident enough to take such a risk. Which of these am I? I used to be very much an idealist. (Teach everyone how to swim, and we will change the world.) But after awhile, life can turn one into a cynic. (There will always be another one who will fall into the water and drown.) I think the balance is to be a realist. I find myself willing to jump in to save someone, but perhaps too often without enough concern for my own well-being. This gives me pause for reflection. Thanks, Francesco, for posting this.

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