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Before you begin this blog, and if you are not familiar with Shalom Auslander's writings, I ask you to enjoy this podcast from This American Life that reads a brief short story of his called Chicken Coop For The Soul. This story is the basis for my discussion today. 8 minutes of your life, go ahead and listen.




Okay, so hopefully you listened to the piece and I ask you, if you could reveal the truth, would you? Even more than that, should you?


Obviously, this is a very situation based type of decision. If you were to actually be a first hand witness to that which is considered godly, and it went against everything ever taught, it's an almost unfathomable scenario. Whether Chicken made it clear it didn't matter to Him what you wanted to do with your life, despite your teachings, or the harsh realization you'd gone without for no gain, it seems a no win revelation.


First, who would truly believe you? Secondly, would they even want to listen? Gabe seemed to point this out pretty clearly, and I wonder if the refusal to even consider the notion that everyone has their deity all wrong is due to confidence, or fear of not having a larger power in control. I tend to lean towards the latter reasoning. Maybe if there were a better scenario to be offered in Chicken's place, you might be given more credibility. But to just rip away the very foundations of a person's reason for existence never seems to go well without a consolation prize.


Most of all, should one reveal the truth if it is known for sure. And take Shalom's story a bit further. What if Morganstern came back with PROOF that was undeniable? Literally, anyone who saw the proof would know without a doubt they have been following the wrong program altogether? Should you shake it up? I don't think I would necessarily do so. Maybe with the younger generation, and I might make it clear that such belief should no longer be taught. Let it die with the older generation, you know?


I can't do that. To just rip it all away feels like theft. Like taking away someone's personal joy in gardening by pointing out all their herbs are still just weeds. As long as their weeds aren't ruining my own garden.....



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the program wouldn't run for me either. so i will take a whip-crack at it and use your weed theory. if the person gardening knows that they are cultivating weeds then ok, no problem. if the person says the weeds are actually herbs then that person needs to be told the truth, if they still refuse then yes, as long as it isn't hurting me or anyone else, i would leave that person be. i hope i answered correctly without being able to see the video. if not then well....just tell me to go plant some weeds....=-(

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It's not a video, it's a podcast. When the page loads, you simply click on the large red bar with the play simple in the middle. It should load from there. Man, oh man, this stinks!!! I love the short story...

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Human, I would say it isn't so much about not being a believer, it's just revealing the truth behind the belief. Technically, if only you all could've heard the program, it isn't so much that there isn't belief any longer, it's just knowing for sure what your belief is based on...and it if it isn't what is thought to be, do you pop the proverbial bubble for everyone else.

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I upvoted ceilingcat's first response because she answered the question, and the kitteh was zombie related. I'm zomberina. Mentioning zombies is always appreciated. Do you normally passively aggressively call out people who don't immediately upvote you?


As far as your new response, I am of the same mind. Very situational response for me too.


Oh, and there's your point.

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for the record i am a he not a she


sorry human to take away your upvotes from zomberina


i will try and stop replying to her blogs



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I think the honest answer to this question is it depends on my mood and how much I like the person. Generally I won't piss on your parade if you are friendly or at least stay out of my way.

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