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I live. I search. What I thought yesterday may differ from what I think tomorrow. The key is to question, to consider, to develop.


To those who seek their own way, oblivious of the censure of others and the conformist pressure of consensus reality - I would say that is good. But with every proverbial blessing, perhaps, comes a proverbial curse.


It seems to me that those who dare to search, to think, to tread the path that is their own, know only that their destination is somewhere, somehow, something else. It seems always indefinable, never attained and rarely glimpsed with any clarity. In the past I have been accused by Mrs Ellinas of searching, of never being satisfied. She is right. For in satisfaction is stagnation; only in the journey is there development.


And so, I resign myself to a life that will never know satisfaction - because beyond my current view of reality is always a greater, and beyond what I know is always something new.


For those who dare to live, to search, to be themselves and who seek to grow into what they may - or even should - be, the blessing is to develop; the curse is to be ever dissatisfied.


My hope for all is to have the independence of mind to go their own way - and never to be satisfied.


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