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Religious Legislating Killed Religious Marriage, Not The Gays




“…this whole thing is not about marriage it is about the destruction of a religious practice and that is wrong.”

I’ve heard this all week in one form or another. On Facebook rants, in hundreds of posts howling in protest against the Supreme Courts findings about same-sex marriage, and in general conversation on the street. My kind is apparently responsible for all of this. We are also referred to as “your ilk”, “godless sinners”, “radical liberals”, or my favorite “leftists”. My support for the rights of all to receive the recognition of marriage under national law has earned me all types of nasty stares, sarcastic jabs at my own life story, and immediate dismissal upon sharing my support with those who abhor it. I’ve learned that my motivations are anything but altruistic. In fact, apparently I’m dead set on destroying the Christian culture in America.


Frankly, I usually don’t get upset over name calling, but referring to me as “ilk” really stung on some levels. It is such a divisive label to use against your fellow American. It relegates me to a less than. Less than American. Less than trustworthy. Less than human. Obviously, this week has left me feeling like the wrath of all Christendom has been put on the shoulders of those of us who are willing to sacrifice a bit of ourselves to make sure families continue to be strong and prosper in this nation. It’s been a rough past few days, but I have a feeling there is a long way to go on the matter of same-sex marriage. This is all because of that one purely trademarked Christian branded word.




Normally, I would dig into the usual tirade about how “marriage” isn’t a Christian only rite, but dear reader, I’m sure you’ve already had the pleasure of reading about half a million blog posts already explaining this fact. No, let’s focus on who is really to blame for marriage’s redefinition. It isn’t I, or my “ilk”, either. No, it is the founders of this Christian tradition that we can find roaming within our legislative halls. It’s the pastors, the youth leaders, the religious city council members, and state legislators, that doomed the ceremony of marriage to become a one size fits all rite in the government’s eyes.


Let’s get a clear concept of how marriage ended up in government in the first place. The religiously motivated state legislators of our nation’s creation. See, it’s always been a federal government that wasn’t allowed to establish one religion over another in importance or favor.




When the Constitution was ratified, the last thing the founding fathers were concerned with were the states establishing religion. In colonial America, state governments were a completely different beast. If you look back over the laws that governed states, a large majority of them were religious in tenor since separation of church and...... Read more here at my blog: http://thebluegrassskeptic.com/2015/07/12/religious-legislating-killed-religious-marriage-not-the-gays/

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Guest Furball


You cannot expect much from a cult of people who literally think gay marriage causes global disasters. The title is right on the money. In our current day, we are seeing people break the taboos of religious superstition. The fact that the world isn't ending as paranoid Christians keep saying it will, is what will eventually cause disbelief in long held religious fears. Great to be alive to see the barbaric cult of Christianity and it's fear based beliefs being not only challenged, but defeated.

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I enjoy it one court case at a time, one young mind turned away at a time.

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