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Not Been Around Much...




...combination of factors. Other things have intruded, I've been ill with a chest infection (hardly used a computer or did anything else much for 2 weeks) and have since done some major computer surgery which has banished Windows from my laptop in favour of Linux Mint (not difficult but time consuming - though very happy with the results).


Anyhow, hope everyone here is OK. Christmas family duties will now have their demands on me but I hope to catch up a little shortly...



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Good to see you. That chest infection sounds really nasty. Also, Linux is great, I've had Debian since 2004 and the only truly bad thing about it is that I've fallen behind on how to fight Windows problems in other people's computers, he he. Ok, there is a steepish learning curve (was even more so back then) but it is worth it in the end.

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Yes, the infection was exquisitely unpleasant.  First time I've had a chest infection, and I now understand why these things can put people in hospital.


I think Linux is now a lot more user friendly.  Having put my old desktop background back on the machine, you'd need to look twice to realise that Mint is not a Windows screen - and in terms of usability, it's like having a brand new laptop.

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