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Goodbye Jesus

Brother Jeff the Alaskan Atheist

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Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Brother Jeff


Bless the Lard, my brothers and sisters in Kryasst! I've gone back to church! Glory!


Not just any church, though. I've attended the Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship twice now, and enjoyed it both times!




There is no religion in the services, just very liberal and generic expressions of spirituality. The minister and a few other folks commented on my glorious "Praise the Lard" t-shirt today. They loved it!




There isn't any particular creed or statement of faith in the UU church, but there are seven Principles:




Anyway, I'm finding myself perfectly happy at this church as an ex-Christian atheist. This church is deeply involved in social justice issues and other stuff that I'm very interested in getting involved in. And the people are all very friendly and welcoming. I attended a newcomer's luncheon today after the service, and the info I got there just made me feel more at home at this church. Thank you, Jesus! Glory!


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