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Goodbye Jesus

I Love You... As Long As I Agree With You



What are you known for? Is it your love for others? If someone were to read your social media posts, what would it reflect? What about your comments? Christians, I'm talking to YOU.


It seems the ship has sailed on loving others. Especially other Christians with whom you disagree.


I truly believe that social media has shone a stark, bright spotlight on the hearts of men (and women) and the verdict is in:


  • Christians have just as much hate, anger, judgement and vitriol in their hearts as everyone else.


Let that sink in. And then get angry. But not at me. I have to call it like I see it (or in this case, read it). Every. Single. Day.


Obviously, everyone is human. We all have those emotions and feelings. What I'm talking about is if you call yourself a Christian, you are held to a higher standard. Especially where your behavior towards others is concerned. But I have a question for you:


  • Are you the called ones? Or the ones tasked with calling everyone out?


I'm weary. Really weary.


Weary of seeing your Bible used as a weapon. So much so, that prior to my deconversion, when I did still did devotions, I would come across verses that are typically  the "clobber verses," and I couldn't focus anymore. It destroyed the Bible for me. [Cue the judgmental rant: "Well, that's YOUR fault! It must be YOUR relationship with God. YOU need to work on that!] No, it could not possibly be the effect of other Christians' behavior. Nope.


I'm so weary of the superiority and judgement of believers. [Cue the proof texts about why it's OK to do this....]


I'm sick of the Christian double standard which goes something like this: "I'm on the side of God, therefore when I call you out, it's a holy calling. My behavior, however, is not up for discussion."


I see this play out day after day online. And in real life too.


I'm weary of seeing Christians nod in agreement about loving others during a sermon, and go home to eviscerate someone on Facebook who dares to have a different opinion. Especially political.


Sit tight Christian. Buckle up. I've got some news: God is not a Republican or a Democrat. When your church becomes a mouthpiece for a political party, you cease to be the church. In the words of one of your own pastors, Carey Nieuwhof:


Jesus and Paul spent little time trying to influence the government. Jesus completely rejected the idea of becoming the government when people asked him to become their political leader. I know some will say “well, God has opinions about things happening today”.

I’m sure he does. But when authentic Christians sincerely share different views on subjects, we should be very careful about speaking for God. And, after all, when God happens to have all the same opinions you do, you’re probably not even worshiping God anymore.

You might be worshiping yourself.

I could not feel more strongly about this. Especially in political discourse.


Every day, I see people with little to no understanding of theology use the Bible as a weapon to make a point or win an argument. We call it "proof texting." You know what? It's destroying your witness. It's destroying other believers, and it's destroying any chance someone wants to jump into your cesspool of hate.


The rhetoric I see vomiting out of Christian mouths every day turns my stomach.


The message, more often than not, is "I love you, as long as you agree with me." If not, all bets are off. I don't recall Jesus saying that. In fact, he talked about enemy love. Another long-lost Christian command that no longer exists in Evangelical America.


What happened to being peacemakers? Instead you pledge allegiance to America First. It seems the "kingdom" that holds first place in your heart is not God's. It's man's.



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