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Atheism Exercise For Christians #1




I am an atheist and an ex-christian, and contrary to what Christians may think about atheists, I willing to accept that the Christian god exists. Although I post this in the Colosseum, I am debating no one specific save for any one Christian that can show me their god exists. But because I have been subject in the past to believing lies as truth, I desire to remove falsehoods, lies, myths, speculation and such and have written the below test as the only way that a Christian may possibly aid my return to Christianity. Below the actual test is an example of where I myself am stuck. Christians, can you show me your god?


==== Atheism Exercise for Christians #1 ====


1. Provide your definition of "exist."


2. Using your definition of "exist", relate something that you know does not exist but reference thereof is available.


3. Using your definition of "exist", relate something that you know does exist and reference thereof is available.


4. List the type and specified evidence you use to support your answer for #2.


5. List the type and specified evidence you use to support your answer for #3.


6. To use types of evidence found specific solely to something that exists, deduct and list the types of evidence you listed in #4 from the types you listed for #5.


7. The same types of evidence used to support the existence of your answer in #3 can be used to prove the Christian god exists. Using only the types of evidence used to prove something that exists from your answer in #6, provide the specific evidence of each type that can be applied to proving the Christian god exists, so that you may supportively declare the same.



==== My example to show Christians where I am stuck ====


1. "Is real" is my definition of "exist."


2. Peter Pan is not real.


3. An apple is real.


4. Types of evidence in support of Peter Pan:

Types of evidence: Specific Evidence

books: 'Peter Pan and Wendy' by J. M. Barrie, 'Peter Pan in Scarlet' by Geraldine McCaughrean

movies: 'Peter Pan' (2003), 'Hook' (1991)

costumes: http://www.clicket.com/kidscostumes/hallow...umes/peter.html

bus line: peter pan bus lines http://www.peterpanbus.com/

belief: I can believe Peter Pan exists

followers: http://www.pixyland.org/peterpan/pixyFriendsPage.html


5. Types of evidence in support of an apple:

Types of evidence: Specific Evidence

books: I can read 'Apples' by Roger Yepsen

belief: I can believe apples exist

touch: I can pluck an apple from a tree and hold it in my hand

sight: I can see an apple with my eyes

scent: I can smell an apple

taste: I can eat an apple and taste it with my tongue


6. Remaining types of evidence used to prove something exists: touch, sight, scent, taste.


7. I am unable to provide specific evidence through touch, taste, scent, smell, or sight to show the Christian god exists.



Recommended Comments

I understand the specifics you are asking for, however, due to time constraints I leave you with this:

you have touch, sight, smell, taste and sound not as a gift to yourself or through your own desire or ability but through God who blessed you with those gifts. The fact that you can is proof that He is. Just as we know that someone put coke in the coke can and built the computer you used to place this on the internet. God bless you and I hope you can see He already has.

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I am a newly self converted ex christian. My wife and I are trying to figure out how to deal with family and most of all, our son. It is easy for me to explain to soemone that I think has the level intelligence as myself, (forgive me for being self absorbed). What do you say or do to show them how to find that truth? I was in a discussion with my father in law, old school xtian, he says how come the other historical facts are true over the biblical historical "facts"?


How do you get into an scientific explaination with someone that is your typical "sheeple" and does not think for themsleves? I am also going to take my son down a road of "self reasoning" that I think will open the discussions for me.

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