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Internet Jesus



We argued again today around the kitchen table.

She said that god helped me find my glasses.

I said that my memory helped me find my glasses.


She showed me her book by E.G. White.


I showed her the elementry book on our founding fathers.


She told me that no proof was enough though my evidence was thoroughly convincing.


I told her that ignoring evidence was cult like behavior.


She said that God has a plan for me, and that I am such a fool, such a fool, such a fool.


I told her that Christianity was responsible for the crusades, the SDA church prophetess made false predictions, and any responsible psychoanalyst would call my position the sane one.


She said that the Catholics were responsible for the crusades and that the true christians were in hiding. She said that E.G. White predicted 9/11 and once more, I am such a fool, I am such a fool, I am such a fool.



I told her I have class in the morning.



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