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What Should Happen To Penn State's Football Program?



So here I am listening and reading the news and one of the topics that I'm seeing and hearing about it should the NCAA shut down the Penn State Football program.


Yes, I will say I am not a huge COLLEGE football fan but put a NFL in front of me and I am sooooo very happy. My husband on the other hand is a HUGE fan of college football and I wanted to say this first off so people know my view point up front. I will also say I don't believe that college sports should be the glorified the way they are BUT I understand I will loose that argument. I myself (though my grammar wouldn't prove it) went to college. I believe people should have the ablitity and chance to go to college. I don't believe it should be as expensive as it is.


I will say that what Jerry Sandusky did was sick and horrid and for as sick and horrid as it was it doesn't compare to the sick and self-serving his enablers who allowed this monster to do what he did for YEARS did. THEY knew what was happening and they turned a blind eye to it. Too me Sandusky's ill mind could be some sort of defense to him not knowing right and wrong but those "MEN" (and I use that term loosely to describe his enablers) actions are far more sick in their actions but they have been "punished" by being removed from authority.


So I must ask why this knee jerk reaction of "Killing the football program" when it could be used to do something much more useful.


- Let's face athlets get scholarships for being great players. I'm not going to fight that battle BUT why doesn't the NCAA force Penn State to give more scholarships to "Nerds" You know those of us who have no chance in hell winning a simple game of horse let alone play a dodge call game.


IF people are still willing to give money to Penn State for the football program like people will do because us Americans love winners than that money should not be used completely for the program like Penn State would normally use that money for. Make Penn State have quota of scholarships, grants and spendings that have nothing to do with sports. NOT only that but they must provide money to Sandusky's victims to either further their education in someway OR perhaps buy better car NOT to pay them off BUT as a way for the college to admit THEY enabled Sandusky's sick actions.


My husband did bring up a good point. Why punish player present and future for what Sandusky and his enablers did. They didn't know about actions nor could they possibly stop the actions so why punish them? You punish the college that will benefit from an award team.


That is just my humble thoughts.


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