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There Is No Such Thing As "legal" And Illegal" Rape





Yes, to some people this bill came up last year and people may think I'm only writing this due to politics BUT I want to emphasis that this is much more than politics THIS new trend we are seeing in politics is coming from a mindset that perhaps has been "underground" when it was thought to have been changed. I do want to say This View point just isn't in politics but we are seeing it come back in full force on college campuses as well.


In 2010 we had Yale Frat Boys Chanting Rape.


We've had so many bills in the various state Legislators that have tried to censor a woman's right to decide what happens with her own body:




The consant wanting to defund plan parenthood and even the Susan G. Komen/plan parenthood issues.



So I thought I knew all the new or now 2 year old lows this country was sinking too when it came to women and their right to choose and even be protected from rape so when my friend sent me this link about the Rape law that "flew under our radar" I was determine not to get too upset because I hate to say I am now use to the idea that Fundalmental Freedoms I believe I had as a woman- such as Roe V Wade--My chance to decide what happen to my body and the idea that People are not going to stand for rape-is being taken away from me. I just hope Logic and reason would win out and these crazy laws would be removed.


Now I do understand that some people believe in life. I understand that viewpoint BUT I do not share it. I however feel strongly that just because you wish to have that belief of life don't force that view point on me.


So my blood has been boiling for a while now about this idea that men actually have this view point that women fake rape on a regular basis OR that women cry rape just to get even with men. Yes, some women--VERY FEW WOMEN do that BUT rape is VERY real event and it does happen in MANY forms! But Rape is rape be it a woman tied down to a bed or floor and being penetrated by a stranger or a woman who might know a man and is held down by said man and forced to have sex she does not want to have. A teenager who is "talked into" or seduced by a man into having sex is rape BUT I do understand the Gray area that some people complain about where a 18 year old is charge with rape because the parents of the 16 year old he's dating doesn't like him. Hell my first boyfriend was 18 -senior in high school and I was 14 a freshman. REAL statatory rape to me is when a 25 year old takes advantage of a 14 year old or 30 year old uses a 13 year old.


Woman do get prenant by rapists. GUESS what the body doesn't shut down and Mr. Akins believes. The body reacts to the actions being performed upon it BUT that DOES NOT MEAN THE WOMAN WANTED IT!


Rape IS NOT a Sexual thing. IF you read the studies and various articles done about rapists you will find Sex had very little to do with it! It is about POWER AND CONTROL. It is taking this woman and using her because you have no value in her life and guess what I find these laws written in the past 18 months to view American women in the same light as rapist view their victims. They have no value.


So I beg woman to talk to men young and old in their lives about these issues. Men please just think one second before reading a potential bill or action that either takes a woman's right to choose away or takes the word rape and make it a joke or something NOT to be taken serious.

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