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The thing that pulled me back into seeking questions in my own faith, wasn’t the various discussions I was having with my friends, they always ended with, “Well, you have your opinions and I have mine. And, we’ll leave it at that.” It was a Specialist that worked under my supervision, whose name was Martin. One day, we had a field mission. After we got all our equipment set up, we’d generally sit around and start talking. This day, Martin brought up a story about his grandfather taking a picture of a ghost. I scoffed at the idea. In my mind, ghosts didn’t exist, at least not on earth. Sure, there was an afterlife, but I highly doubted that after you died, you hung around haunting people. I really didn’t know where you went, maybe another dimension, but someone being haunted by a ghost seemed ridiculous to me.


When we got back from the field Martin produced the picture of his grandfather’s ghost. The image was a black and white photo of a TV set that had a Native American on the screen. The image on the screen looked hazy, almost as if it was caught mid frame, just as it was changing images. Martin swore that the TV was off when the photo was taken. I told him that I couldn’t verify that the TV was actually off or not, but even if it was off, how do I know that the image wasn’t caused from double exposure to the film or something like that.


After that, Martin proceeded to bring books to me, all of which I read, that told of various supernatural events. I wasn’t that concerned about trying to convince Martin that the stories in the books were made up. Martin was sold on the idea of ghosts, and I knew no amount of arguing would ever get him to change his mind. The thing was, Martin bringing all this stuff to me, made me want to know what the Bible said about ghosts. Push come to shove, I don’t think I really did knew what was the Christian belief on ghosts.


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Most Christians I knew growing up said ghosts = demons. Strange as it sounds my belief in ghosts was the last thread my faith hung on to. I liked looking at ghost pics and videos and though if ghosts exists, then God must exist too. Eventually I began to see how easily debunked most ghost pics and videos are.

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For all my skepticism, after I watched Blair Witch, I didn't take the short cut through the woods to get to my apartment. I think there is something primal in our psyche that makes us susceptible to believing in these ghosts stories.

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