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A New Life In Christ





Reading through the whole Bible took somewhere between eight to twelve months, and in that time I had, actually finished my enlistment in the Army and moved back home. Within a year I began dating Laura, who I married. We both went to the same Christian High School. And, when we started dating we began to go to a new church together. This church called itself a “non-denominational” church. I still had issues with all the different sects of Christianity, and apparently, so did a lot of other people. This was still a Protestant Church, so Catholics weren’t in the group, but they didn’t worry about what version of Protestantism you followed.


I loved going to that church, the preacher seemed really knowledgeable. The sermons felt more in depth. And, on the weekends they had classes to get into the more complex issues in religion. If there ever was going to be an opportunity to understand religion, this was it.


It was going to this church where I discovered Apologetics, which means, those that defend the faith. The apologists were the ones that, supposedly knew all the in’s and out’s of religion and could answer all of the tough questions.


During this time, Laura and I got married. It was great because we both were feeling good with our relationship. I was feeling like I’m getting somewhere with my faith. And, I had started making a career for myself.


I started reading up on the Apologist’s books. One book I read was Lee Strobel’s A Case for Christ. Then I found William Lane Craig from my church’s recommended reading list. Around this time, podcasts were just starting to take off. And, since my job gave me an opportunity to listen to my headphones all day, I began to download as many Christian podcasts as I could find. This was my mode of operation for the first few years after I got married. And, it felt great. I found new podcasts, or read some new books, and church felt interesting again.



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