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Why The World Needs To Be Made More Aware Of Pre De-Conversion Communities



The World, particularly Christians need to be aware of communities that they can communicate with when they have questions about their "faith" to ease their de-conversion process.


We are social creatures at heart and with Christianity demonising the consideration of any opposing ideas, it can be incredibly difficult for a practicing Christian to honour their doubts when our conceptual World consists provides no platform to explore truth. So throughout their Christian walk they will face a number of doubts and notice a whole array of things that are wrong but make every conscious effort possible to avoid any treacherous trails of thought.


Finding ex-christian.net has really helped me appreciate my beliefs and given me the strength to be more honest about where I stand. It's much easier to reveal your true identity when you feel like you are not the only one with a deep dark secret.


One problem many people face when they first internally de-convert is that when you are only in contact with believers it can seem like they are the only people in the World. The irony is that when you practice Christianity you are made to feel like the whole world are sinners and you are the only small group of people following the truth, but that is far from the truth because there are countless Churches all over the place, and although believers aren't exactly the majority, there are a lot of people who may be open to Christianity simply because they've not totally rejected it to the same level an ex-Christian who has denounced it.


For this reason it is imperative that Christians are made aware of communities where they can explore their 'faith' and doubt prior to de-converting, but presented in a friendly way that allows them to actually explore their own thoughts. We should encourage real Bible study, reading the first books of the bible without seeking for any outside interpretation, developing their own understanding so that they can reach the conclusion that it is false. This place must also address the powerful cult mechanics employed by Christianity, such as the discouragement of having "your own thinking", along with the cascading deluge of psychological devices unwittingly used to entrap the minds of followers.


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