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Baby Names




My brother and his wife are expecting their first kids, a set of twins, in a few months. The girl is to be named Summer Joy.


Summer Joy?


Sounds like a feminine hygeine product. Spray-on. The commercial for it will have a woman in a flowing cotton dress twirling on the beach on a misty morning. Ahhh, the freshness!


Hmf. I think it's a little weird. Bro & sis are upscale, trendy people, but isn't Summer a redneck name? I met a girl named Summer at a barn I kept my horse at, and she could kick your ass.



The boy will be called Rock Anthony. I have to admit I kinda like that one, but I have a thing for The Rock, and his middle name belonged to my deceased grandfather.


I'm glad I have animals instead of children, because people usually mind their own business when it comes to the names of other people's pets.


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