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Goodbye Jesus


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Once Upon A Time There Was A Little Sheep



A parable of my very own I guess!


Once upon a time there was a little sheep, with a fluffy woolly coat and glasses (since it didn't live in Bavaria)


The sheep was surrounded by a field of other sleep, they frolicked around and ate grass and told the little sheep to listen to the shepherd, the sheep never saw the shepherd in person but they assumed he was the reason the grass grew back every day and it was so green and tasty. The little sheep was told that outside the field it was filled with rocks that weren't very nice to eat and all the sheeps out there wandered around in distress baaing piteously and doing nasty things to each other.

But the sheep was curious about what was on the other side of the fence! The sheep dreamt dreams of mountains and streams and beaches. Sometimes it heard music from over there, it was pretty cool music too with guitars and shouty noises. but the sheep was content to stay in its field and listen from a distance.

Then the sheep came to see there were gaps in the fence, so many! Why were there gaps in the fence if it was meant to stay in the field? Where was the shepherd to fix these holes? The sheep wasn't sure this shepherd even came to the field anymore!

The sheep knew squeezing through the fence would be painful, and it would have to do it alone without the help of the rest of the sheepy flock. And that it may well end up wandering around in circles over painful rocky ground and die far away from the green grasses of the shepherd's land. But what the sheep wanted most of all in all the world was freedom.

So the sheep squeezed under the fence and set out on its journey.

The End.


Except obviously it's not an end, it's a beginning! And the beginning of my blog, where I will record my experiences since embracing agnosticism, mainly for my own benefit to get my thoughts in order I gotta say.

Expect many more sheep-based metaphors.

Although I always felt more like a goat.

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