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Goodbye Jesus


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Summary Of My Self-Actualization



Hello, as Maslow pointed out awhile ago, it is fairly important to have baser needs met before progressing to something more abstract, such as concepts of freedom or suffrage. It is infinitely more important to acquire food for nourishment than it is to have a beach house in the Bahammas, as is the need for human interaction.


My combination of self-loathing, pity, and lack of any source of social contact served to reinforce my isolation or any chance at personal happiness. Though I hate people, I also love them. This short snippet is to explain why I felt the need to subject myself to a rebirth in the blogosphere. As much as it is an attempt at overwriting my personal shame, as it is for the benefit of readers, I felt I had to recreate the image of my blog in that of my new self. The one who was the one who hit on his new mate instead of the other way around; the one with a mohawk who wants to be a drag queen someday, and perhaps even a woman. Although I doubt I could ever give up the penis, though I still would love being a transgendered woman with the good stuff from both sexes. wink.png Also, the neuroscientist (or at least the aspirations towards being one) as well trying to acquire dual major/PhD in both Neuroscience and Quantum physics, with a specialty in studying those brain structures which correlate to natural or artificial sense of right and wrong (e.g. states of well-being or misery). The Pansexual Agnostic Multiversalist-Panendeist who is confident in himself and walks with a visible swagger.


This blog is about all the interests I abandoned in exasperation following my quitting of pot, and the ironic role of pot in reasserting who I am, even when that crutch is gone, and no longer as pressing as it once was. Going through addiction and sobriety, I can honestly say sobriety's cultural veneration is an aspect of Christian influence because of the mass of Christian propaganda permeating our culture. A damaging perception, as is indicated by research into addiction and moderate drug usage. This is a blog about my personal (not taught) discovery of essentially every esoteric understanding of Buddhist philosophy through contemplation of the mind, Consciousness, femininity, and quantum theory. All of which coalescing into a robust understanding of my place in the world, and a thoroughly grounded attempt at "self"-actualization.


My happiness is dependent on my reaction, and those reactions couched in the pervasive socialization of the modern age, to the society around me. Just as this blog is a recreation of the positive aspects of my new self and the world I live in, it is also an attempt at a more mature approach to public policy, namely problems with corporate overreach, theocracy, feminism's critiques (though I consider myself am an avid Marxist-Standpoint feminist). Social injustices must be recognized in order to truly appreciate the full beauty of our world, not merely ignored or viewed in some rationalized context. We know full well why sexism occurs, as well as infanticide or rape, though few will argue that these natural affinities are somehow morally vindicated by their innate existence in human capacity.


I hope, most of all, that others will forgive my past indiscretions as the foibles of youth, and opt to reading what I have to say. Debate is welcome, as long as it is extricated from personal attacks, and I hope you will join me on my intellectual journey towards a greater understanding of our Chaotic existence.

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