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I think the picture says it all. I know this person (father) and it just angers me to no end when folks share stories of "miraculous" recoveries and leave out all the background detail. In this case it would the medical community, and all the hard work he put into his health to get where he is now.


This type of testimony gives a false sense of hope to those who read it. At the very least he could say the fruits of his labors were rewarded with a stellar recovery. By only discussing what God has shown him in a "vision", he is leaving out some very important details. How overwhelming would it be to fill your head with half truth stories of divine healing to only go through the intense surgeries and find out there is a long and painful healing process entailed?


I hate false prophets, false worship, and blatantly misleading testimony.


And yes, he still has diabetes. Why wouldn't God have given him a full recovery you think?



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Yes, I would say without that huge group of professionals working on his health, medications and the research put into them, plus his health insurance to pay for it all, things would have turned out very differently for him.


I too, hate these types of "praise Jesus" and "miraculous recovery" statements.

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Ran into an old pal the other day and casualy asked "how's it going?"

    Man he went into this "god has really blessed me" line of bull shit, to the extint I almost said "Hey, cut the shit, it's just a greeting not a legitimate question, besides you fail to mention the fact your dad has left you very wealthy. Why don't you give him the credit? God didn't give you all this property you fucking moron. I left wishing I hadn't even bumped into him.

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I don't mind the whole "I'm blessed" until they start rambling about material things or their health improvements that did not come at the hands of supernatural deities. It's just soooo insulting, I agree!

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... I guess, on the plus side, people and testimonies like this are a real turn-off when it comes to taking Christianity seriously.


Because... well... he basically reduced a religion to creepy metaphysical religious m-preg fanfiction. (!!) Yikes. I can just imagine this guy spouting Christianese to a roomful of medical professionals all... *smiling and nodding* and not making eye contact.  Wow.

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