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Back To The Past In The Name Of Progress



So, a friend of mine (staunchly evil leftist firedevil.gif ) picked up the nice quote somewhere, a long time ago... "We Germans tend to take something that's basically good, then exaggerate it to beyond insanity so that it becomes a sick parody of its former self".


Enter German "feminism" (as opposed to what I've recently learned feminism to normally be about!), in this case its stance on prostitution.


Prostitution is mosly legalized and regulated over here, since... dunno... some 8 years I think. By some nitpicky details it's still not considered a fully legal profession compared to, say, carpentry, but the ladies of the night have legal protection, health care, the whole she-bang basically. There's still a criminal side to it (old sick habits die hard) but we're making progress. And on average German prostitutes are much better off than those in many other countries, for all I know.


And then came the hateful harpy known by the name Alice Schwarzer, which has been seen as The personification of feminism over here since the entire thing began back in the 60s/70s. She recently presented her new book, about the universal evil of prostitution and how it's about 120 % exploitation and slavery of women.


Now, don't get me wrong. Inasmuch as prostitution involves forcing the gals to do the "job", human trafficking and such, of course it's illegal and must be fought. But as the American (?) saying goes that I've seen quoted a few times on this site and elsewhere - "if selling is legal and fucking is legal, why should selling fucking be illegal?".


So she demanded, at this presentation and ever since (again!), that prostution be banned totally so that women can be free. Umm right, good thing that no one ever tried to ban it right? I mean, surely it will totally work, it's not like people have ever found that a ban just forces it (back) underground with according consequences for the women eh?


Oh, and among the audience that day were some gals of HYDRA, that's more or less the union of German sex workers (Yeah I know, sounds like a Bond villain's gang tongue.png ). They asked the harpy for her stance on those hookers who aren't forced but do the job willingly, for whatever reason (kicks / bucks / whatever). To which she replied with the sophisticated debating technique of "doing her best to scream them down".


So, let me see whether I got that right. To defeat a so-called evil that has plagued humanity since the darkest past we should... return to that past. Is that about right? Wendycrazy.gif


At least that goes together nicely with the latest legislation of our Western neighbors in France, who decided to try the very same thing, only that they are planning to declare the customers instead of the hookers to be criminal. I'm sure someone thinks that's better than the bans of the past too.


You know, when I sometimes say that German "feminism" does its best to ban any and every possible variant of male sexual desire for women, this is about what I'm referring to. Take a good thing and warp it into insanity, indeed.


I hate it when my above-mentioned pal is so damn right. vent.gif

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