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The Order Of Chaos



When I discovered that order emerges from the infinite expressions of chaos and that chaos also emerges from the inescapable conflicts when opposing orders meet I found myself asking:


From what chaos does my order result from, and what reality is to emerge from my chaos?


So I continue to ask, which precedes which? or is existence the paradoxical battle between two natural opposites that exist solely within a subjective context that though appears to exist in moment will have vanished into evanescence by the next?


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I don't see that we are a result of immediate chaos.....and don't know that chaos will be a direct result either.

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Have you watched Jim Al-Khalili's The Secret Life of Chaos? Really good. I watch it at least twice a year just to remind myself it is all mathematical and physics and not overwhelm my already bent mind.

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@end3: part of my job as a computer scientist is to use this to solve problems, and yes, order does emerge from chaos, it's a known fact.


That's not to say that all order emerges from chaos, but quantum uncertainty does not extrapolate into classical physics, instead its influence dissipates as a result of the overall uncertainty cancelling itself out.


Another example that you can easily relate to, engines work by converting chaos into order. In fact the total process is to take ordered liquids, heat them to produce a chaotic explosion, then exploit that explosion to support an ordered power.


Now from order chaos also emerges when ordered agents collide creating conflicts. It's incredibly simple, yet leads to chaos, which can in itself produce order (on a higher level). An example of this, hmm, every day you make a journey to work where you intersect the paths of thousands of people. The interactions themselves are unordered, and all throughout the journey you incur a non phasic alteration to your path. That alteration is a small measure of chaos.


Then you have wars, the epitome of conflict.


Oh, and for your perusal: how brains make chaos in order to make sense of the world

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