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So Tired




One of the reasons I don't post so much, if at all on this forum is because I am just tired of arguing. You know, I realize none of us are really enemies and that we're essentially just pissing in the wind with our discussions, it is nevertheless draining to argue and counter and respond to points or critiques to your argument, as well as the person you're talking with. I can really appreciate how some people want to just say what they want to say and leave it at that. It get's a bit tiring to have to provide proof that your opinion is valid. I mean, let's be honest here: Everyone's opinion on most topics has very little foundation in reality. We read a few blogs here, some books there (maybe) and we think we got the gist of the situation to speak authoritatively, and even to tell others that they hold wrong opinions on the matter.


I sometimes wonder if it's more about proving to others how right you are, rather than an actual honest exchange of ideas. Seeing that no one is really an expert on all the opinions they espouse, it definitely seems like the attitude is more the former. So while I sometimes wonder about the motives and intentions behind the desire for these various "discussions", I more often now think that I am just too tired to argue. It's easier just not to get involved. And besides, I can tell everyone how right I am from my blog :)


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I feel your waning enthusiasm for active discussion threads. Personally, I go through cycles. I'll be eager to jump in the boards for a few months, take a few off. It just comes and goes.


And like you, I find blogging to be the best way for me to put it all out there. I find that for one to read a blog, with the length that most are, they have to really make a commitment to discussion then, or not at all. :)  Tends to weed out the boorish attitudes fairly quickly.

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