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Mob Ousts Mozilla Ceo



I don't know what it is with Americans, but they seem to declare their love of free speech openly while ensuring that no one can actually practice it. If someone can be fired, or forced to quit their job because of what they think or believe then that is not a country that actually believes in free speech. I realise for a lot of liberal leaning people that this guy quitting is probably seen as some sort of a victory, but I see it as a failure. We need to stop forcing people to conform to what the "group" thinks and just let them be bigoted fuckwits if that's indeed what they are.


I hear of people in the US getting fired because someone finds out they're an atheist or they're a liberal or they simply say something the boss doesn't like and this isn't really any different. As an Australian I find it so bizarre to be fired for thought crimes. We need to stop forming lynch mobs and just grow up. When mobs start forming, you have already made a wrong turn as far as I'm concerned - no matter how noble the ideal is you claim to represent.


Anyways, you can read about it here.


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Cousin Ricky


If I boycotted every company whose CEO I disagreed with, I'd have no one to deal with. A line must drawn somewhere. I'm boycotting Barilla pasta because the CEO has made anti-gay bigotry corporate policy. This was most definitely not the case with Mozilla.


Unfortunately, the USA been polarized into the oligarchs vs. mob rule. On Wednesday, the oligarchs won when the Supreme Court ruled against limits to purchasing our politicians. With Mozilla, the mob won. I pine for sober reasoning.

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Here in the States, the fight for LGBT rights is an ongoing issue and a hot button one. The government has washed its hands of it, turning it over to the states to decide for themselves.


This results in a further divided nation than what most western "democracies" prefer and most certainly more divided than most socialist run countries. Most nations would simply rule "No rights for LGBTs" or "Full rights mandated by federal law for LGBTs". Not the US. Nope.


Now we have pockets where members of LGBT community enjoy full rights that can be revoked at any moment. The rest of the country is a mixed bag where you can safely make out with your partner in some neighborhoods, but go a mile or so away and you'll both be getting curb stomped for flaunting your homosexuality.


When you hear or read about these high profile freedom of speech/thought cases here, very few of them have anything to do with actual freedoms being violated. They are merely the icing on our cake of psychosis on this side of the pond. Some CEO says "I hate gays" and the next thing you know, there are drag shows outside of their HQ and lesbians making out in the parking lot.


If our government had a backbone, they'd either give us full rights across the board OR they'd tell us that we should go back in the closet and never be seen again. I'm tired of the mixed messages. It's no wonder that none of our other first world club members take seriously anymore. Hell, I don't even take the US seriously anymore and I've lived here my whole life...

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