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Aaah, the hypocrisy... of our neo-fascists




Ain't it amazing?

There they go, ranting about how all those Evil Foreigners have nothing better to do than to come to Germany and supposedly ruin our country out of sheer malice... demanding that we let no one in, for any reason, because the foreigners (so they claim) will just take away all the jobs, and kick out those foreigners who are already here (unless, I'm sure, they make and sell Gyros or other "outlandish" fast-food vent.gif )...


...but they have their propaganda papers printed in Poland. lmao_99.gif


Right on, neofascists - with every such incident you show that you can be trusted roughly as far as I can throw a Leopard battle tank with my bare hands. One day we won't need any anti-fascist action anymore because the idiots heap enough ridicule on themselves to commit political suicide firedevil.gif


(Background: Accidentally, a van full of above-mentioned propaganda material of the far-right German party "NPD" was spotted crossing the Polish border into Germany. The material had clearly been printed in Poland, one of the favorite targets of the NPD members' rants)


One wonders how moronic those Polish printers must be to make a deal with these braindead numbnuts... silverpenny013Hmmm.gif



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