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Goodbye Jesus
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This is the first living, wild possum I've ever seen. And I happened to have my camera!


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I agree. Possums are adorable. That's a very good picture too. You were at just the right angle to really capture his/her features. Well done. :)


We have possums here that are more active as autumn approaches. Once, I had the window in my office open so that my cat could come in at will, from the chill that was creeping in.


I hear her drop down from the desk behind me and onto the chair and then the floor. I turn to see where she's at and I catch this flash of naked pink tail.


I knew my cat wasn't suddenly butt bald, so I got up and went into the hall where my china cabinet stands. Got on my knee's and looked under and sure enough there's this yearling possum looking back at me.

So cute. They figured if it was good enough for the cats, it was good enough for them.

I got a cat carrier and put a bowl of kibble in it. I placed it at the end of the china cabinet while I and my cat's watched from the side as I slowly, gently, slid a magazine under the cabinet so as to coax possum into the awaiting carrier.

No muss, no fuss. She/he went in and I closed the door. I released them under the big maple at the back of my property.


Poor little thing. So young and small. They wanted a place to stay and since my cat's were friendly and I was too, they took a chance.

Thing is, if they could be litter box trained and cat like, we could have worked something out.

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