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The place to document my thoughts...however odd they may be.

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Religious Rites And Pathetic Prophets

This weekend has been an entirely religion-filled weekend. Or, if you like, a God-be-praised hallelujah Spirit-filled weekend! I prefer the former. Be aware that this entry will likely turn into a rant. But you'll probably enjoy every minute of it. Anyways, let me go on about my weekend.   On Saturday, my youth pastor got ordained. Because 1) I haven't told anyone about my de-conversion, and 2) I wanted to support him (although not what he stands for), I went to the ordination ceremony. This

Jeff H

Jeff H

A Few Realizations

Well, first off I'd like to welcome anyone who may read this to my new blog. I've actually been a "blogger" (read: nerd) for several years now, but on a different blog. I'd post the link to it, but as I have not yet told my parents or anyone else about my loss of faith, I'd like to keep this area of my life separate for the time being. At any rate, during said time, this blog will be my place to post my thoughts, rambling and incoherent though they may be, in regards to my thoughts on religion,

Jeff H

Jeff H

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