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I'm a very private person, and perhaps a bit of a sensitive one while I'm at it. I don't like telling people things because my thoughts, feelings and desires are precious to me and I don't appreciate it when people piss and shit all over them. You ever tell somebody you're doing some non standard hobby and their immediate reply is either "man, you got so much time on your hands" or "why would you do that"? Both responses crush your spirit at a time when you're trying to bring somebody close to behold a precious jewel you have.


It's the equivalent of spotting a wild and rare creature and ever so quietly trying to grab their attention so they can come over and gaze upon its beauty - only for your friend to shout out as you gesture to them "HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!". Those responses are the lightest of criticisms, as you can imagine it gets progressively worse as their responses get far more critical of something that you cherish.


By far though, the worst response (at no fault of the other person in this case) is one of "oh, cool" and that's it. You might be learning a language and have reached a major milestone, say the ability to hold some basic conversations, and you're so pumped at getting there - only to be immediately deflated by an apathetic response beneath the veneer of positivity. Depending on your interests, it can be very hard to find somebody to bring in and share that joy with you. For example, I like programming and I can share cool hacks and optimisations I've done with a friend or two who can appreciate it but the vast majority of people don't even understand the significance or the brilliance behind the acts. All quite frustrating really.


Anyways, this is why I keep so many things to myself because people can't appreciate the value as much as I want them to, or worse they shit upon the very thing I value so much. This was brought to the forefront of my mind as I have a friend who just recently began dating a girl. She's in her early 20s and he's in his early 30s. Both are consenting adults and both obviously care very much for each other, but the first reaction people had as soon he was out of the room was "man, isn't he a little old for her?". I thought as the gossip started, "fuck these people man".


Here's a guy who shouldn't be anything but happy at this occasion, but now has to deal instead with underlying judgement from people who have no business forming an opinion. Utterly fucking bizarre that you must be within a certain predefined age limit or "it's weird". Fuck people man. Be happy for him, don't make him feel like a fucking piece of shit because their age difference is closely bordering the double digits and that's just too uncomfortable for you to bear. Sigh.

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Guest nomeme


I agree that sometimes people suck. That's how I feel some days, when most people are thinking and behaving like most people. If you're being a decent human and living your life the way you choose, doing whatever hobby you find fascinating and fulfilling, then bless you, JA. If you told me what your hobby is, I would respond, "that's interesting; tell me more about it."

And why people overreact about that age difference between two consenting adults may be a response of envy and/or resentment because they feel they don't have permission to do what they want. That's also why they respond in the ways they do when you tell them your hobby.


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