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Time To Lose Weight




So, I decided last night to get back on track to losing weight. I was feeling really defeated and wasn't really in the state of mind to go forward with confidence but after reading some weight loss success stories I have boosted my mood and today I began my first set of changes, albeit minor ones. They are simply this, every day use the elliptical for 15mins and to cut soda out of my diet completely. This includes juice, cordial or any other sweet beverage in place of water. It's in essence a water only policy.


So, those are the changes. Here's to a healthier me :)


And a video to motivate me to stay away from soda:




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Good for you! If I feel tempted to drink a glass of soda or juice, I just picture a dry glass half full of sugar, because that's what it is, without liquid in it.

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