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Reddit, Anyone?



I've been toying with the idea of starting a subreddit for interested parties here on ex-c. There is already an ex-christian subreddit, but it's not really anything special, imo.


Sometimes we have fun or deep discussions in chat or on threads that seem like they deserve more attention. Also, some of us are more open to exploring certain things like philosophy, meditation, speculative fiction, fringe theories, political issues or other topics that just don't fit within the scope of the ex-c site. Plus some members of the community just don't do meta [as in metaphysical] discussions.


I also think that it would be a good to have another place besides ex-c to do more socially oriented things [book or article discussions, movie watch-alongs, playlist sharing, etc] that don't involve social media. Mostly because I eschew all social media. Some people are very nervous about giving out personal information. Reddit is a good way to socialize on a deeper level without giving out personal details. Reddit is also free and it is supereasy to sign up for an account, so no worries there.


The idea of started a subreddit has been mentioned a few times by different people. This post is just me gauging interest in the issue. I'd say for it to be a viable idea, there needs to be at least ~12 people that are into the idea and able to participate in the sub on a regular basis. I'm willing to start a sub and even moderate it for a little while if need be.


Just thought I'd mention this and let it simmer over the upcoming holiday week. Leave comments and feel free to PM me with your input.


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I have found reddit a very unfriendly arena. I have to be a male profile on there to even be taken seriously with some respect when on the r/atheism thread....

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Whatever you decide to do you should probably keep it focused.  Perhaps a private reddit?  If you make it a free-for-all then it will wind up as nothing special as well.

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7, while I appreciate your sentiments, I have no idea how reddit works. So, I don't know how much effort it would require of me.

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Sure!  Will I get headphones like yours?  :D

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I'd be open to it. The nested comments allow for multiple discussions on a single thread, which takes away some of the restriction of a forum. Private subreddit for extended conversations that might not fit so well on the forum, and more personal/social stuff like you said. Definitely keep it private.


Human - don't worry, it's easy to use! :P

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