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A Month In



Note: I'm kinda rambling thoughts here so they might not be flowing that well.


So, it's been a couple weeks since I started going to the gym and things have been going well. I've been going every other day, but this week since I've got a bit of a late start at work I've been managing to go every day as I go in the morning while I'm refreshed enough to do so. It also helps that since it's a late shift I don't have to get up incredibly early to fit it in (I get up at 8, have breakfast and I'm there by about quarter past).


My phone has a pedometer so I've been tracking my progress as well. Prior to going to the gym I was averaging about 3000 steps a day, but since going to the gym it's increased substantially to about 8000 steps a day. Today I actually breached 10,000 steps. I plan on doing this whole treadmill only thing for a couple of months before I decide to mix it up and do anything else. In fact I think I'll give it till the end of march, so about 90 days.


I've found some quick changes in the short amount of time I've been doing this, which I always seem to forget about - namely that I have more energy. However, the thing that doesn't change so quickly but the one that I want to change quickly is almost frozen in place. In the last 2 weeks my weight has been about the same (about a 1kg difference, but since they were taken at different times it could be a matter of one was a full stomach vs one that wasn't for example).


Checking the scales religiously is really not doing me well and is making me feel dejected. I want fast results and I'm not getting them. The amount of positive reinforcement I need is not being met, so I need to find where else I can fulfil it so I don't fall off the bandwagon again. Starting with me not checking the scales every day. I think I am going to try to force myself to check 'em only every Sunday. On top of that I will make sure I do them at the same time each time so I can get some consistency.


Next, I need to remind myself that I need to have a realistic expectation of how much weight I can possibly lose when I am not making major changes to my diet and that I am only walking on the treadmill for a couple kilometres every day. Seeing that I burn a couple hundred calories at best each session, and that I need to cut about 500 calories a day to lose about 0.5 kg a week, I should expect to only lose 1kg every 3 weeks or so since I am definitely not burning 500 calories a day.


BUT..I am making minute changes to my diet if I am going to be fair to myself. I am attempting to eat smaller portions so a regular sized meal at a fast food joint vs the large I regularly get. When I drink soda I am trying to go for the one with the least amount of calories and so on. I think it's all about making small changes that are almost imperceptible and sticking with them for long periods of time before making more of them and so on; simply repeating the process.


In the end, I know I could have lost at least 12kg by end of march if I choose a stricter regimen - but that theoretical limit won't mean shit if I bomb out early on because I can't hack it. It's much better to lose 4 actual kilos vs 12 theoretical ones.


Anyways, in summary:

  • Will stick to treadmill only scheme till end of march, then reevaluate
  • Will only weight myself once a week
  • Try not to focus on my weight loss so much (even though it's so fucking hard and I am tempted to think it's the only thing that matters)
  • focus on finding positive reinforcement elsewhere (not sure where yet)

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Jaded, I feel you on the positive reinforcement. It's hard to do that when all you want to do is see that number on the scale go down for the reinforcement. I think you should start taking some encouragement in the changes you are making for starters. That isn't anything easy.


I will tell you this. I tried the lower cal sodas. They made me crave even more than just skipping or substituting coffee instead. I also made certain times of day off limits for consumption. I don't know if it will work for you, but you might try that. But yes, baby steps pay off in the long run. That's why I focused on portion size, portion content, and the hardest part was time of day to consume said portions. Exercise is built into my job, so I have a bit of advantage there, but you might try even something as simple as elastic bands training you can add on top of your treadmill? Love those things. And they're cheap!


You have to make a regimen that you know you can stick with, not what will yield you the quickest results. Otherwise, you'll fall off the wagon like I had done, gain it all back, and be even more bummed out. Hang in there though. Sometimes, before you can begin to lose weight, you have to get habits under control first.

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I had this long ass reply yesterday but just as I was about to submit it I accidentally closed the window so I kinda raged and couldn't be bothered typing it up again at the time, anyways now I am so here we go smile.png


Thanks for the input, I totally agree with what you're saying. I think getting good habits in place is more important than the initial weight loss. I find with myself that I too often try too much at the start and that's what causes failure. So right now, just jumping on the treadmill a couple or more times a week is all I'm really dedicating myself to do.


With the sodas, I'm not really going for diet soda or anything like that it's just I'm choosing a lesser evil (so say coke instead of pepsi as it has about 20 or 30 calories less IIRC). I noticed that messing with what I eat and drink is much harder than the gym stuff, so I'm being careful to take it slow. I realised some things since this blog post as well so I might do another one after this comment about those realisations. Anyways for time being, it's tiny tiny changes like that which I am making, as opposed to something as "big" as drinking diet coke or whatever.


I don't think I've heard of elastic band training before so I think I will check it out and see if I think it's viable to incorporate it at the moment. Thanks for the suggestion :)

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