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Getting It Out There



So, it's a bit scary to say it out loud. There is almost a sense of embarrassment being overweight - even more so when you are soo incredibly overweight. When people ask I am generally vague, I might even be described as deceptive about how much I say my weight is, but I decided today that I need to make some small steps in "owning" it. Even if it's somewhat anonymously on a blog. So as you might notice I have a section to the right called weight loss. It's got my current weight loss and how much I actually weigh.


So yeah, I weigh 161.3 kilograms. I can hardly believe it. I remember only a couple years ago when I weighed 140KG and I've gained an additional 20 since then, 15 of which in the last two years or so. This needs to change, and I have been making small progress, 2.4kg in a couple weeks (for a rough conversion into pounds, double it but at my weight it's probably better to use a calculator as it'd be about 30 or more pounds off).


Anyways, I decided I am going to put a goal and a stretch goal out there. So, at the rate I am losing weight now is about 0.8KG a week. That's not a lot, but it falls within the recommendation of keeping weight loss between 0.5 - 1.0 kilograms a week. At this rate, I'd expect to lose about 7.2KG by end of March, and weigh around 154.1KG. Since I have amped up my activity a bit this last week compared to the weeks prior, chances are I should expect to lose more than this, but I think this is a good, realistic and achievable goal with where I am at right now.


Now, for my stretch goal is a bit ambitious, but I don't want it to be too ambitious as I don't want to get upset or whatever not meeting it. I'm having a hard time choosing the weight exactly but I've decided on it being 145KG. It's a little over double the other one but it works out being a little under 2KG a week (I have 9 weeks till the end of March). I'm pretty sure I'll be somewhere in between these two results.


Lastly, one thing that I realised recently, and I guess this is because I am being more conscious about it, is that I often eat after I feel full because there's good still on the plate, I'll finish a drink even though I'm not particularly thirsty as well. When I realised this the other day I've been mindful of it and simply choosing to stop eating after that. Sometimes I'll finish a meal like I normally would, but other times I'll see that I'm full and I'll stop. I think small changes like this and the others I'm making will add up, but at the same time don't make me feel deprived and desirous of food that I "can't have". I'm still having what I want, I'm just being a bit more tempered with how much of it I eat. Anyways, that's it for now.

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