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Good Dream




Have you ever had a dream that left you in a good mood after you woke up? Well, until recently I never had. That's not to say most of my dreams leave me in a bad mood, they just leave me in a neutral mood most of a time. You see this dream was sorta unique too. In the dream I saw a good friend of mine who I see on occasion in my dreams and we were just having a good time catching up. Now when I have him in my dreams I usually say that I thought he was dead and he clarifies that he was just seriously hurt or whatever and that he's ok now and I usually wake up quickly after that. This time round I didn't say what I thought and instead we just chit-chatted, had something to eat and had a good time. The dream wasn't "off" like most dreams are, but instead just felt like the good old days.


He was a good friend of mine, it shattered me when he died and I can say that I've never felt pain like that before or since. I do appreciate that my mind is able to let me see him every once in a while, even though it's not really real. Had me in a good mood the rest of the day, do miss those good ol' times.



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