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The Damage The Faith Does



In the early 90's I had the first of my nervous breakdowns. My mind was racing with out of control thoughts.....I was so ill and less than 24 hours after my first symptoms developed, I found myself in the care of the local mental health hospital and my medicated lead recovery was slow and painful. I remember being taken to the local village by a member of staff (we walked), by body had a reaction to the meds and seized up and I had to crawl back on my hands and knees as my muscles would not work correctly. As soon as we got close enough (this was in the pre mobile phone days) she ran ahead for a burly nurse to coma and literally pick me up........It was a rough time and I still have rough days....the diagnose for OCD was slow in coming, but eventually reached that was what I was suffering from........


I think it all but certain that a major trigger for my OCD was fear of hell and god and offending Him......it took a real struggle to free myself as much as possible......


I shall never forgive the Christian who infected me with her hateful and cruel religion

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That's appalling.  We do not realize (most of us) the depths of the damage that religion can cause.


What really gets me is that evangelists actually think they are doing the ultimate good.  How blind.

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Guest Furball


I am sorry this happened to you. Did they put you on any medication? Did leaving christ-insanity help cure your ocd?

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Been there so I can sympathize but I never was hospitalized for any of it. My doctor's PA put me back on my medication and it's calmed down but I'm glad you sought help for your problems. And I agree with the comment that the overly religious can damage you, especially if there's already mental health problems existing. Those two do not go together, imho.

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