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Update On Health Stuff



So, there are some news. First of all my dentist is arranging me a special check-up, to see what can be done to correct the bite problems she's diagnosed both at the back and front of my mouth. I'm looking forward to it very much! A little part of me has doubts about whether it'll be worth it, but then I remind myself of all the discomfort I've felt for years when eating, and I'm ready to let go of it.


Also, my psychiatrist still didn't diagnose me with anything, but he says that it can't be denied that I do have many Asperger syndrome symptoms.


I did some reading up before I saw him, based on what some autistic people have told me before, and recognised myself in the description of Fragile X Syndrome. It's a problem in one X chromosome, boys have only one so with them it's more serious than it is with girls. It causes behaviour that's a whole lot like Asperger's, but often sort of "not consistent enough" to warrant a full diagnosis of it (though many do get the diagnosis too). It also causes weird muscle and joint problems and facial characteristics that Asperger's alone doesn't - some of which I certainly have, up to a degree that has caused me lots of trouble!


I told my psychiatrist about this and he said he'd never heard of Fragile X, but if I get the tests done, he wants to know the results.


The best part? It's confirmed with a blood test, so I can't possibly end up feeling like I cheated and invented problems I don't have! Plus they do those test in a teaching hospital next to my home!


I only need to get some doctor to believe in this enough to send me there. However, there's an Internet service for people who can't get their own doctors to do it - it's run by doctors who want to help people get their blood tested for inheritable problems. So I can ask them to do it if I can't find a local doctor who will.


I finally feel like this is going somewhere. Even if it turns out I don't have the bad chromosome, it'll be more knowledge either way.

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I really hope you find the answers you are working so hard to find. They are out there, and you definitely aren't cheating or inventing anything. You know your body and mind, and its good to see another person standing up for being healthy and wanting to maximize their enjoyment in life.



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Thanks :) <3

I made some calls around and actually managed to get my psychiatrist to help me get to the tests, despite him not being familiar with this. I just have to wait a couple months, but that's all right, it's such a short time in the course of a lifetime. I'm very excited!

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