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I have a month of time to decide whether I choose to have dental surgery.


First of all I'll mention that I'm going to discuss this at length at least once with my great, very experienced dentist before the date comes that my decision for this autumn must be finished. So that puts my mind at ease somewhat. But before that, I'm weighing the pros and cons.


My bite is thankfully not catastrophic. There are many things wrong with it, but it could be a lot worse. I can choose to just have a dental device that I'd use at night to keep it the way it is now, or I can choose to go into surgery, which means wearing braces for a couple years before and a half a year afterwards (on average), and a retention device for maybe many years.


If all was to go right, I'd have my teeth as perfect as they get, and my face would look more balanced, as right now my lower jaw is quite a bit more at the back than it should be. Perhaps I'd breathe more easily, and I might even gain some extra confidence (I already gained a whole lot of it after the earlier dental procedures).


If I go to surgery, there's a small risk of damaging facial nerves and losing sensation for months, years or permanently. Plus it's a long surgery, I might lose a lot of blood, being put under always has risks, I need to find out what to do with birth control to avoid blood clots, etc.


If I don't go, there's a risk that in the long run my bite doesn't work even as much as it does now because my teeth don't touch ideally, and I'll run into some different dental problems.


If I go, it's irreversible. Except if I stop using retention too early, which is when my face will attempt to reverse all changes - though it won't ever be exactly the same as before.


If I don't go, I can still do it later, but the older I get, the slower I'll heal.


Plus I'll get it for cheap now that I'm still a student. Anytime later it'll be much, much more.


I'm trying to find some people online who have had a similar surgery done. I've already found two, both were medical students so they were able to describe things to a great detail in their respective blogs. They were both very, very satisfied with their results. I'll try and reach them to talk a little. One of them even lives in my town. Plus I'll write down all my questions for my wonderful dentist when I see her in two weeks.


It's so much, my head is spinning a little bit. It's always a tough call when your life is affected so dramatically by your choice, and possibly for good too.


I'll also see my psychiatrist tomorrow. That should be all right. I think I'll talk about this a bit to him, too.



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Having a lower jaw that goes back further than it should, reduces your ability to breathe well during sleep.  This might or might not be affecting you now, but it could become more of a problem when you are over 40, as the muscles get slacker as we age.  I'm talking about obstructive sleep apnea, which has various factors that contribute to it, such as slacker throat muscles, and a lower jaw that is too far back.  Indeed, some people with sleep apnea have this type of surgery, to bring the jaw foreward, in an attempt to treat the condition.


FWIW, the fact that this surgery would be cheaper if done now, and easier to heal from, would be major factors in favour of it, if I was weighing this up for myself. I've had multiple surgeries, and each time I get a little more comfortable with the risk of complications, ie I see it as very, very low.


Good luck as you make your decision.

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Good luck as you make your decision.




Thanks FTNZ. So sorry I'm replying slow, for some reason I have a terrible time trying to write coherent messages. 


I think I'm leaning towards having the surgery. Especially since I could end up having it anyway if things were to change at all from what they are now, including how I breathe at night. I'll be seeing my wonderful dentist on Monday and we'll discuss it at length. 


BTW FT, my amenorrhea mystery is most likely solved. It's changed into itty bitty mini bleeding anyway, which is less weird than nothing at all, and my gynecologist said there's nothing to worry about in that alone. So... yeah, that's a relief, though I'll be sure to run to a doctor if anything dramatic happens. I've had enough lessons in what happens if you don't.

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