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Contrasting Traditional Christian Beliefs With My Sense Of Reality



Comparing Traditional Christianity with My Sense of Reality [reality defined as “what seems ‘real’ to me”.]


I have created a chart contrasting side by side many of beliefs of Traditional Christianity with what I consider to be more realistic. I could not get the chart to show nicely here, so, to see the chart go to the page on my website here: Comparing Christian Beliefs With My Sense of Reality


This chart is not finished, and I plan on continuing to work on it as I have time, but it is useful now.


For many years I have been transitioning into a new paradigm, a new way of thinking and acting in life. I have found it increasingly difficult to explain where my thinking is at in this stage of my life. For example, when I say that I no longer believe in hell, most Christians have a hard time relating or understanding. Modern Christianity is largely based on the concept of hell. if that is taken away, then what is Christianity, or religion, all about? I’ve been writing for years on my website www.live-anew.com , mainly to clarify my thinking to myself. Finally an idea has come to me to make this chart as a comparison of where I used to be (and what I think Christianity largely believes) and where I am at now, which I call an Alternate Paradigm.


Paradigm: which would include the basic assumptions, values, goals, beliefs, expectations, theories and knowledge that a community has about.
NOTE: I make no claims as to the rightness of my paradigm, this is merely what makes sense to me. The Traditional Christian Paradigm makes no sense to me. How could I have every believed that? How could anyone really believe that?


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