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I Am Thinking Satanism...no, I A Mean Arbys..




I posted in my testamonie already called"I ate the forbidden fruit" so you may want to lookthat up to get a back story


I love studying religions I really do.
I have studied Christianity, Gnosticism, Native American spirituality, buddhism, paganism
damn,have i got everything...


I am on a group called Satanic. Philosophy amd Education on facebook
They are some nice people there man
Some one bitched that their is not any philosophy. in forum
I decided since there is a gob of books in the files to start a book study
First, is the old time classic and favorite
The Satanic Bible


I have read it many times
This time i decided to treat it like the bible..you know what i am talking about lol
I mean taking notes on how i feel about stuff and quotes
i told the people in the group do ten pages


I really like it so far
Your God, you got your own power, beiing human is wonderful be human.
what's not to like?
No rules,no hell no groveling to some God.
it does have some rules but, no one is gonna make you follow them
But, you do have personal responsiblity for your actions..no devil to blame


Ever religion i read has all these rules and requirements
oh, you will go to some hell if you don't
God loves you so much but, if you are not in this religion and disagree with it go to hell!


I don't get this really..why does God make anything it does not want?.
With all the evil in the world and the things i went through sometimes i wonder if the God i speak with is only in my mind.
I got a gaurdian angel names Zachary i been talking too..not sure if he is real


I like Jesus but the Bible supports slavery, predjudice, stoning, rape, war
Christans have done many horrible things
It is hard to ignore


But, i guess i have too
If anyone in this town knew i liked Satanism who knows what might happen
I tell you one thing tho
Satan and his followers have been nicer to me than Christians
Oh, before that i was into Wicca so, i guess i will stick it in there too


Yea, i am thinking Satanism
i mean arbys lol



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