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Getting Sick Of Giving God Excuses For His Behavior



I have studied many religions
I got many good excuses. why bad things happen
So, do other people


Why was i born handicapped? you know how many people have been god awful to me because of that
Why are children raped and killed
why is there evil?


here are the reasons i get and i think i can prove there stupidity


Why was i born handicapped?


1.adam and eve ate the fruit
Why is that my problem i was not there so, i gotta be deformed cause God was dumb enough to put a tree in the garden he did not want ate from


2. the devil did it
God let him deform me..why is that


3.your supposed to learn something
What are children being molested learning?
What am i supposed to learn?


4.past life fixing
i don't remeber any past life so how would i even fix it


5.to make your strong
reckon, that is the same reason. for kids starving to death?
not, much strenth there


The thing i really like about the child raping answer is ever answer is just horriific


last time i asked why God me this way i was told i should get surgery


Oh, what and ruin God's plan i should of said...
no no no
if we get deformed or even get cancer we should die not go to the doctor
cause its Gods plan right?
i mean God makes everything happen right?


I am sick of you
if you exist your sorry ass is not worth my worship


Why do we got to worship you anyway
damn, you so full of yourself you make a whole world to make praise and worship your ass
oh, you give us free will. people say
oh. yea free will to believe or. burn in hell
Oh, what great love you have for us
give us a tree we cannot eat
roast us in hell if we don't grovel at your feet
and then you send your son to die on a cross
just to forgive us


what a loving God...
i get sick of giving excuses for

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